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Zhong An Qi
Anchii 16008
Background Information
Also Known As Anchii (アンチー), An Qi (安琪)
Born July 23, 1989 (1989-07-23) (age 27)
Origin Taiwan, China
Blood Type B
Zodiac Sign Leo Leo
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2008-2010
Associated Acts Ice Creamusume
Member Color       Coffee

Anchii (アンチー) (Real name: Zhong An Qi (鍾安琪)) is a former member of the Hello! Project Taiwan group, Ice Creamusume. She was also the the sub-leader of the group.


Anchii was a contestant in the Taiwanese Hello! Project audition but was eliminated early on. She was one of  the girls brought back for a special episode which allowed some of the losers that Tsunku thought had potential to re-audition. She was once again eliminated, but was allowed to take part in a "last camp" and was finally chosen as a member of Ice Creamusume. She was the second oldest of the group which makes her its sub-leader.


  • Stage name: Anchii (アンチー)
  • Real name: Zhong An Qi (鍾安琪)
  • Taiwanese nickname: An Qi (安琪)
  • Flavor (Member Color): Coffee
  • Birthday: July 23, 1989 (1989-07-23) (age 27)
  • Zodiac: Leo Leo
  • Blood type: B
  • Hello! Project Groups:


  • Anchii attended Shu-de Technical College as a Performance Arts Major. She was in the first graduating class of the Performance Arts Major, and was on the Freshman Cheerleading team.

Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Preceded by

Sub-leader of Ice Creamusume
2008 - 2010

Succeeded by

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