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Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu.
Single by Sheki-Dol
Native title 全体的に大好きです。
Released June 27, 2001
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single
Recorded 2001
Length 11:58
Producer Tsunku
Sheki-Dol Singles Chronology
Previous Tetteiteki Unmei 2nd Single (2001)
Next Ai wa Muteki ~Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai~ 4th Single (2001)

Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu. (全体的に大好きです。; I Love All of You) is Sheki-Dol's third single.

The title song was the 14th ending theme to the anime Crayon Shin-chan.


Sheki-Dol - Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu03:54

Sheki-Dol - Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu. (MV)

Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu. (MV)

  1. Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu
  2. Koi wa Mousho! (恋は猛暑!; Love Is a Heat Wave!)
  3. Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu (Instrumental)

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Concert PerformancesEdit

Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu.

Single InformationEdit

Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu
Koi wa Mousho!
  • Lyrics: Shindo Atsushi
  • Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi

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