Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie
Mini Album by Da Xiao Jie
Native title 我是大小姐
Released September 15, 2009
Genre Pop
Format CD+DVD
Recorded 2009
Length 17:14
Language Chinese
Label Forward Music
Da Xiao Jie Albums Chronology
Next Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie Zhi Hu Hu Sheng Feng He Nian Ban (2010)

Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie (我是大小姐; I Am Da Xiao Jie) is the first mini-album by Da Xiao Jie. It was released on September 15, 2009. The mini album came with a DVD, featuring 5 music videos and 3 dance steps footage.




Da Xiao Jie (MV)



Mama De Hua (MV)

大小姐 GoGo Girl MV03:20

大小姐 GoGo Girl MV

GO GO Girl (MV)



Tong Hua Gu Shi (MV)


  1. Da Xiao Jie (大小姐; Big Small Sister)
  2. Lao Shi Lao Shi (老師老師; Teacher Teacher)
  3. Mama De Hua (媽媽的話; Mama's Word)
  4. GO GO Girl (Morning Musume cover)
  5. Tong Hua Gu Shi (童話故事; Fairy Tales)


  1. Da Xiao Jie (MV)
  2. Lao Shi Lao Shi (MV)
  3. Mama De Hua (MV)
  4. GO GO Girl (MV)
  5. Tong Hua Gu Shi (MV)
  6. Da Xiao Jie (Dance Steps)
  7. GO GO Girl (Dance Steps)
  8. Tong Hua Gu Shi (Dance Steps)

Featured MembersEdit


  • The album stayed #1 for five consecutive weeks in CD sales for the store "Carrefour".
  • GO GO Girl is a re-arranged Chinese version of Morning Musume's Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ with the lyrics re-written to make the song more childish.

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