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v-u-den First Concert Tour 2005 Haru ~v-u-densetsu~

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Concert by v-u-den

Released August 17, 2005
Format DVD
Producer Tsunku
Catalog Number PKBP-5036
Run Time 91 minutes

v-u-den Concert Tour Chronology

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v-u-den First Concert Tour 2005 Haru ~v-u-densetsu~ (美勇伝 ファーストコンサートツアー2005春 ~美勇伝説~) is a DVD release of v-u-den's first concert tour. The concert was filmed live on May 29, 2005 at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan. A companion photobook was also released and on special features there are alternate closeup camera angles for songs #14-16. The other artists who attended this contest (besides v-u-den), were Country Musume and Inaba Atsuko.

The DVD reached #3 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 12,304 copies overall.


  2. Koi no Nukegara
  3. Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari
  4. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT! - Backup dancers: Country Musume, Inaba Atsuko
  5. MC1 - v-u-den, Country Musume & Inaba Atsuko
  6. Aimai Me MIND
  7. Ichou ~Aki no Sora to Watashi no Kokoro~
  8. MC2 - v-u-den & Inaba Atsuko
  9. Champagne no Koi (シャンパンの恋)
  10. Uwaki na Honey Pie - Miyoshi Erika, Country Musume & Inaba Atsuko
  11. Mini Strawberry Pie - Okada Yui, Asami & Miuna
  12. Sakura Mankai - Ishikawa Rika, Satoda Mai
  13. MC3 - Ishikawa Rika & Satoda Mai (Gatas talk)
  14. Ai no Bakayarou - Okada Yui
  15. Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi - Miyoshi Erika
  16. 100kai no KISS - Ishikawa Rika
  17. Senpai ~Love Again~ - v-u-den & Country Musume
  18. Sankaku Kankei - Inaba Atsuko & Country Musume
  19. The Bigaku
  20. Girl's Power, Aisuru Power - v-u-den, Country Musume & Inaba Atsuko
  21. Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~ - v-u-den, Country Musume & Inaba Atsuko
  22. MC4 - v-u-den
  23. Bi ~Hit Parade~
  24. Kacchoii ze! JAPAN (カッチョイイゼ! JAPAN)
  25. MC5
  26. BE ALL RIGHT! - v-u-den, Country Musume & Inaba Atsuko
  27. Ending (with Ajisai BGM)


Multi-angle Close-up Version

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