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Un deux trois
Solo Photobook by Sayashi Riho
Released August 27, 2012
Publisher Wanibooks
Sayashi Riho Publication Chronology
Previous Sayashi Riho
Next Taiyou
20120910 sayashiriho 2ndphotobook1

Sayashi Riho promoting PB at release event.

Un deux trois (アンドゥトゥア; One two three) is Sayashi Riho's 2nd solo photo book. It was released August 27, 2012. The ebook edition of the photobook was released on February 27, 2013.

Photobook PreviewEdit


  • Sayashi Riho held a release event for it on September 9, 2012 at a Tokyo Book Store.
  • An estimate of about 1,200 tickets were sold at the release event.
  • The photobook sold less than 559 copies in it's first week, and less than 661 copies in it's second.
  • It is estimated that the photobook sold over 1,000 copies.
  • Comment by Sayashi Riho: “With my 1st photo book, I felt I had to force myself to make certain expressions. Now, I’m able to be myself”.

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