Uchuu de La Ta Ta
Single by Taiyou to Ciscomoon
from the album Taiyo & Ciscomoon 1
Native title 宇宙でLa Ta Ta
Released July 28, 1999
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 1999
Length 21:01
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Taiyou to Ciscomoon Singles Chronology
Previous Gatamekira 2nd Single (1999)
Next Everyday Everywhere 4th Single (1999)
Taiyou to Ciscomoon - Uchuu de La Ta Ta (MV)

Taiyou to Ciscomoon - Uchuu de La Ta Ta (MV)

Uchuu de La Ta Ta (MV)

Uchuu de La Ta Ta (宇宙でLa Ta Ta; La Ta Ta in the Universe) is Taiyo to Ciscomoon's third single. It was released on July 28, 1999. The title track was used as a theme song for the Ellese commercials. The single reached #9 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for five weeks. It sold 34,700 copies in its first week and 73,680 copies total. The c/w tracks are remixes of the group's second single Gatamekira.


  1. Uchuu de La Ta Ta
  2. Gatamekira GTS more energy remix (ガタメキラ GTS more energy remix)
  3. Gatamekira digital gigolo remix (ガタメキラ digital gigolo remix)
  4. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (instrumental)

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Uchuu de La Ta Ta

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All Lyrics & Composition: Tsunku

  1. Uchuu de La Ta Ta


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