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Members: 9
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This page consists of all members of the J-pop group Tsubaki Factory.


All the members are part of Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Name Birthday Home
Official color Notes
Yamagishi Riko
November 24, 1998
(age 18)
Chiba B April 29, 2015 Light Green Leader (2015-Present)
Ogata Risa
November 5, 1998
(age 18)
Tokyo A Light Orange Sub-Leader (2015-Present)
Former NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei member (2011-2014)
Niinuma Kisora
October 20, 1999
(age 17)
Aichi O Light Blue Mirai Shoujo finalist
Tanimoto Ami
November 16, 1999
(age 17)
Hokkaido B Light Purple (Golden) Audition! finalist
Kishimoto Yumeno
April 1, 2000
(age 17)
Osaka Yellow Suppin Utahime finalist
Asakura Kiki
September 3, 2000
(age 16)
Chiba AB Light Pink (Golden) Audition! finalist
Ono Mizuho
September 29, 2000
(age 16)
Tokyo O August 13, 2016 Emerald Green
Onoda Saori
Decmeber 21, 2001
(age 15)
Shizuoka Peach (Golden) Audition! finalist
Former Princess♪Ribbon member (2010-2014)
Akiyama Mao
July 29, 2002
(age 15)
Osaka B Light Red


Leader Period of time Sub-Leader Period of time
Yamagishi Riko August 8, 2015 – Present Ogata Risa August 8, 2015 – Present


  • Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory are Hello! Project group consisting only from Hello Pro Kenshuusei and also only groups that doesn't consist of any legal adults.
  • The average age of the group at its formation was 15.17. The average age of the group as of August 13, 2016 is 15.4.
  • All the members are born between 1998 and 2002, making this the second group to have all members born after Hello! Project's formation (first one being Kobushi Factory).

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