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Tsubaki Factory
Tsubaki Factory promoting "Hatsukoi Sunrise"
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Anniversary February 22 (Tsubaki Factory Day)
April 29 (formation)
Years Active 2015–present
Choreographer YOSHIKO
Singing Instructor Ueno Mariko
Labels UP-FRONT WORKS (2015–)
zetima (2017–)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Current Members Yamagishi Riko (2015–)
Ogata Risa (2015–)
Niinuma Kisora (2015–)
Tanimoto Ami (2015–)
Kishimoto Yumeno (2015–)
Asakura Kiki (2015–)
Ono Mizuho (2016–)
Onoda Saori (2016–)
Akiyama Mao (2016–)

Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー; Camellia Factory) is a Japanese pop group under Hello! Project, originally formed with six members from Hello Pro Kenshuusei in late April 2015. As of August 2016, they are currently nine members.




Tsubaki Factory, August 2016


Tsubaki Factory, January 2016

Tsubaki1 s

Tsubaki Factory, April 2015

2015: FormationEdit

On April 29, the group was announced through Japanese media, and confirmed through Hello! Project Station. The group made their first performance at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ on May 4.

On May 26, the group participated as an opening act at ANGERME STARTING LIVE TOUR SPECIAL @ Nippon Budokan "Taiki Bansei".

On August 8, during the Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER concert, Yamagishi Riko was announced leader of Tsubaki Factory, while Ogata Risa was announced sub-leader of the group.[1]

On September 6, Tsubaki Factory released their first indies single "Seishun Manmannaka!" at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~9gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~ concert venue.

From October 8 to October 18, Tsubaki Factory starred in the Engeki Joshibu musical remake of Thank You Very Berry, which also featured and was directed by Sudo Maasa, who starred in the original stageplay.

On December 31, Tsubaki Factory released their second indies single "Kedakaku Sakihokore!" at the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2015 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ concert venue.


On March 19, Tsubaki Factory released their first mini album titled Tsubaki Factory SOUND + VISION Vol.1 at the Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2016 venue as a limited pre-sale. The mini album was released for general sale on May 18.

On August 6, Tsubaki Factory released their third indies single "Hitorijime / Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo" at the Hello! Project 2016 SUMMER venue.

On August 13, it was announced at Tsubaki Factory's fanclub event that Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Ono Mizuho, Onoda Saori, and Akiyama Mao had joined the group as new members.[2]

The new line-up debuted on September 4 at Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 9gatsu ~SINGING!~, where it was announced by Hello! Project advisor Shimizu Saki that Tsubaki Factory would finally make their major debut in January 2017.[3][4]

On October 22, they announced during the Tsubaki Factory Ouen Kikaku ~Camellia Fights! vol.2~ event that their major debut single would be released on February 22, 2017.[5]


On February 22, Tsubaki Factory released their major debut single, "Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia."

On February 28, the members were removed from the Hello Pro Kenshuusei profile page on the Hello! Project site, indicating they had officially left Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Group Name OriginEdit

The name Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー) literally means "Camellia Factory". Hello! Project advisor Shimizu Saki (formerly of Berryz Koubou) assisted in picking the group name.[6]

The camellia (tsubaki) was "decided with praising the noble and cold beauty and wanting the group to be fresh and strong like the evergreen."[6] The word "factory", also used in the name of their sister group Kobushi Factory, is named to reference Berryz Koubou ("koubou" meaning "workshop"), so that the group may carry on Berryz Koubou's spirit.[6]





  • [2015.09.19] Tsubaki Factory 2016 Calendar
  • [2016.09.24] Tsubaki Factory 2017 Calendar






  • Shimizu Saki assisted in picking the group name and members.[6]
  • Ogata Risa and Tanimoto Ami were in Hello Pro Kenshuusei for only 5 months before joining the unit.
  • Asakura Kiki was in Hello Pro Kenshuusei for only 6 months and 5 days before joining the unit.
  • Yamagishi Riko has been in Hello Pro Kenshuusei the longest out of all the members, having joined the program in June 2012.
  • Ono Mizuho, Onoda Saori, and Akiyama Mao were only members for 3 weeks and 1 day before the unit's major debut was announced.
  • February 22, the date of their major debut, was dubbed by Ogata Risa as TsuTsuTsu Day (つつつDay) or Tsubaki Factory Day.[7]

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