Tokaikko Junjou
Regular Edition
Single by ℃-ute
from the album 3rd ~LOVE Escalation!~
Native title 都会っ子 純情
Released October 17, 2007
October 31, 2007 (Single V)
November 15, 2007 (Event V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD, Single V, Event V, digital download
Length 13:46
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
℃-ute Singles Chronology
Previous Meguru Koi no Kisetsu 2nd single (2007)
Next LALALA Shiawase no Uta 4th single (2008)
Other Covers

Limited Edition

Single V

Event V

Tokaikko Junjou (都会っ子 純情; City Girl's Pure Heart) is ℃-ute's 3rd single. It was released on October 17, 2007 under the zetima label in a regular and limited edition. The limited edition features a DVD including interviews and a concert video.

On November 28, 2007, the single sold 38,085 copies, making it their highest-selling single until "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku" in 2012. No lines were replaced when ℃-ute became a 5-member group, but Okai Chisato had to switch sides when singing the chorus lines.


The selected lead singer for Tokaikko Junjou is Suzuki Airi. The minor vocals for the song are Hagiwara Mai and Nakajima Saki with only 3 and 2 solo lines. Yajima Maimi also gets a solo line and 2 paragraphs of soliloquy. The dance performance designates Suzuki Airi, Hagiwara Mai and Nakajima Saki as choreographical centers, but in the chorus and the middle of the song, Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi are in the center positions.


℃-ute - Tokaikko Junjou (MV)04:27

℃-ute - Tokaikko Junjou (MV)

Tokaikko Junjou (MV)


  1. Tokaikko Junjou
  2. Shiritsu Kyougaku (私立共学; Private School)
  3. Tokaikko Junjou (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVDEdit

  1. Interview (インタビュー)
    • Umeda Erika
    • Yajima Maimi
    • Nakajima Saki
    • Suzuki Airi
    • Okai Chisato
    • Hagiwara Mai
    • Arihara Kanna
  2. Cutie Circuit 2007 ~MAGICAL CUTIE TOUR~ Digest Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (Cutie Circuit 2007 ~MAGICAL CUTIE TOUR~ ダイジスト めぐる恋の季節)

Single VEdit

  1. Tokaikko Junjou (PV)
  2. Tokaikko Junjou (Dance Shot Ver.)
  3. Making Eizou (メイキング映像; Making Footage)

Event VEdit

  1. Tokaikko Junjou (Interview)
  2. Tokaikko Junjou (Live Ver.) ~2007.09.30 at Yokohama BLITZ ~Yoru Kouen no Moyou wo Shuuroku~
  3. Tokaikko Junjou (Close-up Ver.)

Featured MembersEdit


C-ute promoting single

TV PerformancesEdit

  • [2007.10.16] Oha Star
  • [2007.10.19] MUSIC JAPAN
  • [2007.10.19] Ongaku Senshi MUSIC FIGHTER
  • [2007.12.30] 49th Japan Record Awards
  • [2007.12.31] 58th Kouhaku Uta Gassen (as part of a medley)
  • [2013.08.21] Odaiba Gasshuukoku Mezamashi Live 2013 (Updated Version)
  • [2013.11.12] Bomber-E Live (Updated Version)

Concert PerformancesEdit

Tokaikko Junjou
Shiritsu Kyougaku

Single InformationEdit

  • All Lyrics and Compositions: Tsunku
Tokaikko Junjou
Shiritsu Kyougaku

Oricon Ranking and SalesEdit

Single Monthly Ranking
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3
5 9 3 27,943
5 15 15 13 14 14 24 17 8,146
19 - - - - - - 65 1,509
- - - - - - - 159 487
Yearly Ranking
Year Year Rank Sales
2007 207 38,085

Total Reported Sales: 38,085

Single V
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 4 5,308
- - - - - - - - 1,285

Total Reported Sales: 6,593


  • An updated version was released in 2012 and included on their 2nd best album.
  • It awarded Best New Artist Award of the Year at the 49th Japan Record Awards [1]

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