• Google Translate is of course something we use a lot around here, but there's a new improvement. For some time their smartphone app has allowed you to use a camera and detect text which it then automatically translates. This leaves even more room for error since it has to properly read the characters, but oh well. It also only worked with supported languages. Japanese support has recently been added, though!

    Results are pretty mixed, but it's still pretty cool. I was trying it on my physical CDs and a lot of the time the text was too stylized for it to pick up properly, and even when it was picking things up would flicker between many absurd possible translations. Sometimes the results were pretty accurate. I've included a couple of those here. I also included some of the Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray--I figured that with big bold text it would have an easier time reading it, but I guess not!

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    • A few more chosen for humor.

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