• You may remember there used to be a thing that would show up on all page views (not counting mobile version) that would show the latest files added, but Wikia ditched it. Someone recently wrote something that allows something similar to take its place, and I finally got around to trying it.

    Here's where you can find the code. If you want it to take effect for all Wikia sites, you can paste it in your global JavaScript file, located at the community Wikia site. Mine is at, and getting to yours would just be a matter of changing the user name.

    There's a place in the code where you can make a few choices as to how it will appear. One is choosing how many of the most recent files it will show. The other lets you choose between a mode where the sizes are larger and you can see more information about the files, or one where it just displays them smaller. If you're not afraid to try changing bits of the code you can probably customize the appearance even more to your liking, but here's how the two standard options look for me:


    Until this I wasn't sure it was possible to customize what shows up in the "rail" to the right. I'm curious if there's anything else interesting to go over there.

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    • I didn't like it taking so much space, so I made a few tweaks to mine. I made it so the image width used is 70, allowing three to fit in a row. Changed the total images to 6, so it would only need to show 2 rows in full. Changed the "height:452px" part to be much less since now it doesn't need or use that space. I'm not sure what the best height choice is, but right now I've got it set to 120px. Doesn't seem like it's actually going that small (even accounting for having my browser zoomed in a bit), but I tested lower numbers and was able to make it small enough it needed to scroll, so I guess I didn't pass some low limit.

      I liked the ability to hover over an image and see the who/where/when info, but apparently that is incompatible with multiple images going on the same row.

      Now it looks like this for me:

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    • Where's YogaWP

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    • A FANDOM user
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