• Juice=Juice's new single releases April 8, but another thing releasing that day that might be of interest to Hello! Project fans is Renga no Ie, the new album from Nakajima Takui that contains the original versions of Taiki Bansei and Tsugi no Kado wo Magare, plus thirteen other tracks.

    Looks like the album will be released on US iTunes with all tracks intact. Album preorder price is $15.99. Formatting isn't very international-friendly, so try searching for nakajimatakui or the album name 煉瓦の家 to find it.

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    • Looks like I spoke IMMEDIATELY too soon. At the turn of the hour the next day of releases became available on iTunes. Now the album is available for sale, BUT... it's missing Taiki Bansei. ANGERME's version of it wasn't released outside of Japan, either, so I guess whatever prevented that one from making it is still in effect here.

      I also don't see an album price anymore. The 14 remaining tracks have the usual individual price of 1.29, so you could buy them for a total of $18.06, buuuut if that's the only option it's pretty dumb.

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    • That's disappointing. I was looking forward to it. The best bet might now be buying the CD version.

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