Team Makenki, 2017

Team Makenki

Team Makenki, 2014

Team Makenki (チーム負けん気; Team Losers), formerly Team Makenki (Kari) (チーム負けん気 (仮); pronounced Team Makenki Kakko Kari), is a Japanese girl group consisting of three acts: THE Possible, Kikkawa Yuu, and Up Up Girls (Kari), all of whom are graduates of the Hello Pro Egg program. The group was formed on February 6, 2014, during the The Possible vs Kikkawa Yuu vs Up Up Girls Kakko Kari ~Kikkawa Yuu and Possi Possi Girls Kakko Kari~ collaboration concert.[1]

On June 25, it was announced at an event promoting Kikkawa Yuu's single URAHARA Temptation / IIjan that they would have a fall tour titled "Team Makenki(仮)1st Livehouse Tour", starting September 28 and ending October 25.


From Ciao Bella Cinquetti
From Up Up Girls (Kari)




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