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Te wo Nigitte Arukitai
Single by Goto Maki
from album Makking GOLD 1
Native title 手を握って歩きたい
Released May 9, 2002
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single, digital download
Length 12:47
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Goto Maki Singles Chronology
Previous Afurechau...BE IN LOVE 2nd single (2001)
Next Yaruki! IT'S EASY 4th single (2002)

Te wo Nigitte Arukitai (手を握って歩きたい; I Want To Hold Hands and Walk) is Goto Maki's third single. The song appears on her best-of album Goto Maki Premium Best ①, an "Album Version" appears on her first album Makking GOLD 1, and a "Trance Remix" appears on the compilation album CLUB Hello! TRANCE REMIX. The PV for "Te wo Nigitte Arukitai" appears on Goto Maki Single V Clips ①. It sold 104,630 copies.


Goto Maki - Te wo Nigitte Arukitai04:36

Goto Maki - Te wo Nigitte Arukitai

Te wo Nigitte Arukitai (MV)

  1. Te wo Nigitte Arukitai
  2. Tokutouseki (特等席; Special Seat)
  3. Te wo Nigitte Arukitai (Instrumental)

Concert PerformancesEdit

Te wo Nigitte Arukitai

Single InformationEdit

All Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku

  1. Te wo Nigitte Arukitai
  2. Tokutouseki


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