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Game by Sony Music Entertainment

Released 2001-01-11
Catalog Number SRPM-70201
Systems Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2
Ranked 67th in the 2001 Top 100 Best Selling Japanese Console Games list and 28th among Japanese PS2 games sold in 2001
Sold 168,880 copies
Memory Card Space 1.2MB
Technology Sony's FourthVIEW technology
Game Sections

1. "Main menu"
2. "Mini-game"
3. "Option"
4. "Panorama Theater"
5. "Visunetarium"
6. "Morning Browser"
7. "Morning View"
8. "Morning Lounge"
9. "Morning Musume TVDJ"

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Space Venus - Starring Morning Musume (「スペースヴィーナス」 starring モーニング娘。) is a Rhythm / Music game, published by Sony Music Entertainment Incorporated, which was released in Japan in 2001.

Story Edit

At the end of the twentieth century, a new form of energy is discovered -- Life Oriented Virtual Energy, abbreviated as LOVE. Said energy source is generated by the LOVE Machine, and is maintained by ten singing and dancing girls on a pan-galactic pleasure post known as the "Space Lagoon." You'll be right in the middle of the musical mayhem with Morning Musume members like "Happy Project Leader" Goto Maki, and "Motion Project Sexy Beam Master" Yaguchi Mari! Maximum fun you will get!

Because of the completely new energy that was discovered at the end of the 20th century, "Life Oriented Virtual Energy (LOVE)", mankind's space development rapidly evolved. Because of 10-member Musume's extraordinary song, dance, and smiling faces, this clean energy was produced as the base of life! The power of LOVE was tremendous, so they developed a generator for this dynamic force called the LOVE Machine, and in the blink of an eye, space migration exceeding the speed of light and construction of huge structures in the void of space became possible. And so, in 2001, on the other side of another galaxy which was in an as-of-yet unknown area, the unprecedented enormous space Amusement Colony opened!!

In Space Lagoon, you can personally experience the motive power of LOVE, completely new videos and music. You are navigated by the hologram Musume transmitted from your locale, and with your exclusive use of the passenger plane Morning Jet, if you board, you are quickly at Space Lagoon. There, within the Love Machine is the Love Condenser, a circular tower of light where the form of the singing and dancing Musume can be inspected, and recorded live videos of the girls' Earth Tours can be uncovered. Of course, the Earth at that point couldn't immagine this surprising technique.

Thanks to the song and dance from the hearts of the Musume, the possibilities of 21st century entertainment were broadened. Now, the only task left to mankind is to encourage the girls' personal energy by cheering it on with all their might. In order to develop so that the Earth's future would "make the universe jealous", take your passport and board the Morning Jet! There is no set scenario for this world. You and the characteristic personal entertainment experience of the Musume is the only thing that can bring forth the only story like it in the universe, Space Venus. The people who still stay in Space Lagoon are the only ones who know of Space Venus.

Yes, the rumored 10 Musume who saved the earth and are starring in Space Venus are Morning Musume!

Morning Musume Members Edit

Each of the 10 Morning Musume members at the time had a title in the game.

  • Nakazawa Yuko - SV Commander In Chief, W. Galaxy Love Venus
  • Abe Natsumi - SV Co-Commander, N. Galaxy Love Venus
  • Iida Kaori - Love Tech. Development Venus, Temp. Representative of PR Room, Rhythm Project Leader
  • Yasuda Kei - E. Galaxy Love Venus, Harmony Project Leader
  • Yaguchi Mari - S. Galaxy Love Venus, Motion Project Sexy Beam Master, PR Room "Minimoni" Member
  • Goto Maki - Earth Love Venus, Happy Project Leader
  • Ishikawa Rika - Morning Jet Venus, Harmony Project Member
  • Yoshizawa Hitomi - Morning Jet Venus, Motion Project Member
  • Tsuji Nozomi - PR Room "Minimoni" Member, Rhythm Project Member
  • Kago Ai - PR Room "Minimoni" Member, Happy Project Member

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