Sora ga Aru
Single by Hashida Mirei, Stukas Robin Shoko, Kitahara Sayaka & Fukuda Kanon
Native title 空がある
Released April 23, 2006
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, Digital download

Sora ga Aru (空がある; There Is a Sky) is a single by Hello Pro Egg members Hashida Mirei, Stukas Robin Shoko, Kitahara Sayaka and Fukuda Kanon. It was released on April 23, 2006 at a Nissen Hikosen Project campaign event. A digital version of the single was also released in April 2006.

"Sora ga Aru" is the official campaign song of the 2006 Nissen Hikosen Project campaign.

Kenshuusei sora ga aru


  1. Sora ga Aru
  2. Sora ga Aru ~acoustic ver~
  3. Sora ga Aru (Vocal Hairi)
  4. Sora ga Aru (Karaoke Version)

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Single InformationEdit

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"Sora ga Aru"
  • Drums: Hiragagura Yoshie (平ヶ倉良枝)
  • Bass: Okiyama Yuji (沖山優司)
  • Mandolin & Pedal Steel Guitar: Suzuki Shunsuke
  • Organ: Takizawa Sumire (滝沢スミレ)
  • Chorus: Takahashi Yuichi, CHINO
"Sora ga Aru ~acoustic ver~"
  • Piano: Takizawa Sumire

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