Album by RuRu
Released January 9, 2002
Genre Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2001
Language Chinese
Label China Record Shanghai Corporation
RuRu Albums Chronology
Previous Meili Xinqing (2001)
Next sweet talk Gen wo Shuo (2003)

Single is the second Chinese album by Honda Ruru. It was released on January 9, 2002.


  1. You Shihou, Mei Shihou (有时候、没时候)
  2. Dongji De Aiqing Dianying (冬季的爱情电影)
  3. Shen A! Qing Duo Gei Wo Yidian Liliang (神啊!请多给我一点力量)
  4. Lan Se Shanshou Xian (蓝色山手线)
  5. Di Ji Ci (第几次)
  6. Danshen Nu Julebu (单身女俱乐部)
  7. HOLD ON
  8. Gei Wo Yidian Ai (给我一点爱)
  9. Meimeng Cheng Zhen (美梦成真)
  10. Yu De Guanxi (雨的关系)


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