Warning: This page contains information about a Doujinshi series that is not appropriate for people under the age of 18.

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Shining Musume. (シャイニング娘。) is an adult Doujinshi by Shiwasu no Okina (師走の翁) about the 1st to 4th generation members of Morning Musume, adapted in September 2002. There are 7 Volumes of Shining Musume.


Shining Musume is one of Hello! Project's most popular scandals and the most well known and infamous Hello! Project related Doujinshi comic. Up-Front Agency complained about the doujinshi, as it gave the members a bad image.

The manga-ka, Shiwasu no Okina, a woman from Yamaguchi Prefecture, was interviewed on TV due to the popularity of the doujinshi. She was a fan of Hello! Project back when she began making the doujinshi. While she has recently gotten an interest in the idol group Momoiro Clover, she still is a fan of GAM and W.


Active members of Shining Musume in Vol. 1 (up to 3rd generation)Edit

The ages were later deleted.


Yauchi, Abe, Iki, Tsuchi, Hako, Gottou, Shiida


Known former members of Shining Musume in Vol.1Edit

Staff at the group's agency (which parodies UFA)Edit

  • Sengokudou Mika [manager]
  • King (Tsunku) [producer]
  • Sumabe Junichi (Suwabe Junichi) [narrator of the group's TV show]

4th generationEdit


Chamigawa Rika, Yoshiwaza Hitomi


the four "horsegirls"Edit



Solo Idols


Batsuura Aya & Fushimoto Miki


Bodyguard Squad VI, a.k.a. "the Sixth"Edit


Kanata Reina, Himei Eri, Mitsushige Sayumi


Late additionsEdit


Kurumi Kowaru, Itsumi Aiga (censored)


Ling Shang, Chung Quan