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Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo
Single by Odoru♡11
Native title 幸せきょうりゅう音頭
Released July 3, 2002
Genre J-pop
Format CD Single
Length 12:20
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Hello! Project Shuffle Unit Singles Chronology
Previous Chu! Natsu Party / Summer Reggae! Rainbow / Dancing! Natsu Matsuri (2001)
Concurrent Shiawase Desu ka? / Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! (2002)
Next Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no / GET UP! Rapper / BE ALL RIGHT! (2003)

Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (幸せきょうりゅう音頭; Happy Dinosaur Ondo) is the single by 2002 shuffle unit Odoru♡11. It was released on July 3, 2002.  The title song used in the television commercial break special show Minna no Uta for June and July 2002.


Odoru♡11 - Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (MV)02:55

Odoru♡11 - Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (MV)

Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (MV)

  1. Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo
  2. Yoku Aru Oyako no Serenade (Odoru♡11 Version) (よくある親子のセレナーデ(おどる11 Version); The Common Serenade of Parent and Child)
  3. Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (Instrumental)

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Odoru♡11 promoting single

Concert PerformancesEdit

Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo

Single InformationEdit

All lyrics and composition by Tsunku
Shiawase Kyoryuu Ondo
  • Arrangement, Programming, Keyboard: Konishi Takao
  • Manipulator: Katsuura Go
  • Oodaiko, Tsudzumi, (other drums) : (Living national treasure) Katada Kisaku
  • Shinobue and Nohkan: (Living national treasure) Takara Senzaemon
  • Nagauta Shamisen and Bass Shamisen: Kineya Hiromitsu
  • Festival Music: Kominato Miwa and Odoru♡11
  • Dance Choreographer: Natsu Mayumi
  • Music Video: Kawatani Hideo (Director), Suehiro Tetsushi (Producer)
Yoku Aru Oyako no Serenade (Odoru♡11 Version)


  • An Ondo is a style of Japanese folk music.

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - - 54,080

Total Reported Sales: 72,070

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