Sanada Juyushi ~Bokura ga Mamori Takatta Mono~
Jacket photo
DVD cover
DVD by Niigaki Risa
Native title 真田十勇士~ボクらが守りたかったもの~
Released March 28, 2012
Format DVD
Recorded December 2011
Label hachama hachama
Producer Andrew Tamon Niwa

Sanada Juyushi ~Bokura ga Mamori Takatta Mono~ (真田十勇士~ボクらが守りたかったもの~) is a stage play starring Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume and two members from band EXILE.

The play ran between December 2 and 11, 2011 at Aoyama Round Theater. The DVD was released on March 28, 2012.


Perfect winner in the history, Tokugawa Ieyasu. it is needless to say that he took the world. However, its history was a fine line. Starting with the "Ueda battle", "Sekigahara", "Osaka summer of Jin", "winter camp" and Ieyasu and many times without fighting, it was him tormented man purchase.

The man's name, Yukimura Sanada.

This man might was also history to say to take the world. So, he is an excellent military commander. And in his own all of the Warring States period, law that is rare, thick man in humanity. Those who love him gather around him. Osaka Castle, which is said to be impregnable is in flames along with Yukimura Sanada is defeated was Rakujo.

It is that of 1615. This story dates back to three years ago, Is ten warrior, including Sarutobi Sasuke that Yukimura Sanada has gathered in the fierce fight for life until Rakujo, And to eliminate love is a story you do not talk. Life, for someone, what you burn out. Fleetingly also fall friendship story of the Warring States.


  • Inaba Yu
  • Akiyama Shintaro
  • Isaka Tatsuya
  • Ozawa Yuta
  • Yoshida Tomokazu
  • Onitsuka Michiho
  • Yoshioka Yu
  • Koike Ryosuke
  • Saito Shota
  • Saito Kenta
  • Oshinari Shugo
  • Niigaki Risa (Morning Musume)
  • Left Shimomura Mikoto
  • Seiichiro Keijiro
  • Matsushima Kawasaki
  • Tomie Yohei
  • Kei-Dai-Tanuma
  • Watanabe Yuuki
  • Hiroshi Hisao
  • Hanada Shun
  • Ueda George
  • Motegi Naoki
  • Shinomiya Kanichi
  • Sunaoshi Masaki
  • Kurofuji Yuki
  • Amano Kotaro
  • Ito Tetsuya
  • Kaishi Iwao more


  • Screenplay:Ono Shinichi
  • Director: Okamoto Takaya
  • Swordfight guidance:: TeamAZURA
  • Planning and production: Corporation Knocturn

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