S/mileage 2 ~AyaKanon 18sai no Yakusoku~
Group Photobook by S/mileage
Released April 25, 2013
Publisher Wani Books
Cooperation with Up-Front Agency
Photographer Sato Hiroyuki
S/mileage Publication Chronology
Previous S/mileage 1
Next S/mileage 3 ~6nin de FULLCHARGE~

S/mileage 2 ~AyaKanon 18sai no Yakusoku~ (スマイレージ②~あやかのん18歳の約束~; S/mileage 2 ~AyaKanon An 18-Year-Old's Promise) is a photobook by first generation S/mileage members Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon. It was released on April 25, 2013 by Wani Books. It comes with a Making DVD.

The photobook is about Wada and Fukuda's last moments in high school.

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  • This is their first group photobook, second overall with the digital photobook Tamerai wa Strawberry.
  • The name "S/mileage 2" was used in relation to the photobook S/mileage 1, which featured former members Maeda Yuuka and Ogawa Saki.
  • According to Oricon the photobook sold 777 copies.

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