Rhythm Tengoku Gold Kokunai-ban Kaigai-ban Zen Vocal Shuu
Soundtrack Album by Various
Native title リズム天国ゴールド 国内版海外版 全ボーカル集
Released July 29, 2009
Format CD Album
Label Pony Canyon
Producer Tsunku
Rhythm Tengoku Soundtrack Album Chronology
Previous Rhythm Tengoku Zenkyoku Shuu (2008)

Rhythm Tengoku Gold Kokunai-ban Kaigai-ban Zen Vocal Shuu (リズム天国ゴールド 国内版海外版 全ボーカル集;Rhythm Heaven Gold Domestic Version Overseas Version Vocal Collection) is a partial soundtrack to Rhythm Tengoku Gold, collecting the vocal songs from both the original Japanese version as well as the localized versions in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.


THE Possible - Box Show Japanese

25s clip of Box Show - Japanese (THE Possible)

Tsunku - Kerokero Dance Japanese

25s clip of Kerokero Dance - Japanese (Tsunku)

Canary Club - Karateka Cool Japanese

25s clip of Karate-ka Cool - Japanese (Canary Club)

Ayaka Nagate - Karateka Cool English

25s clip of Karate-ka Cool - English (Ayaka Nagate)

Jessy Roussel - Karateka Cool French

25s clip of Karate-ka Cool - French (Jessy Roussel)

  1. Kakedashi Idol--Doki! Kouiu no ga Koi na no? (かけだしアイドル--ドキッ!こういうのが恋なの?) [Japanese] - Eri~na
  2. Box Show--Koi no Rung Rung Paradise (ボックスショー--恋のRung Rung パラダイス) [Japanese] - THE Possible
  3. Kerokero Dance--Akarui Rock n' Roll (ケロケロダンス--明るいロケンロー) [Japanese] - Occhama
  4. Karate-ka Cool--Rainy ~Ame ni Utarete~ (カラテ家クール--Rainy~雨に打たれて~) [Japanese] - Canary Club
  5. Staff Credit--That's Paradise (スタッフクレジット--That’s パラダイス) [Japanese] - TAKERU
  6. Box Show DX--Koi no Rung Rung Paradise (ボックスショーDX--恋のRung Rung パラダイス) [Japanese] - THE Possible
  7. Urekko Idol--Doki! Kouiu no ga Koi na no? (うれっこアイドル--ドキッ!こういうのが恋なの?) [Japanese] - Eri~na
  8. Karate-ka Heat--Rainy ~Ame ni Utarete~ (カラテ家ヒート--Rainy~雨に打たれて~) [Japanese] - Canary Club
  9. Kerokero Dance--Young Love Rock’n’Roll [English] - Brad Holmes
  10. Karate-ka Cool--Struck by the Rain [English] - Ayaka Nagate
  11. Staff Credit--That’s Paradise [English] - Frank Legree
  12. Box Show DX--Love Ooh Ooh Paradise [English] - Lorea Ferris Dandoy
  13. Urekko Idol--Thrilling! Is this love? [English] - Lorea Ferris Dandoy
  14. Kerokero Dance--Liebe, Schweiß und Rock'n'Roll [German] - Benjamin Franklin
  15. Karate-ka Cool--Einsam im Regen [German] - Yuana
  16. Staff Credit--Ins Paradies [German] - Benjamin Franklin
  17. Box Show DX--Heute Nacht [German] - Mai Hahne
  18. Urekko Idol--Happy-happy-happy! Ist es Liebe? [German] - Mai Hahne
  19. Kerokero Dance--Valse du rock [French] - Dominique Chagnon
  20. Karate-ka Cool--Pluie amère [French] - Jessy Roussel
  21. Staff Credit--Paradis trouvé [French] - Dominique Chagnon
  22. Box Show DX--Aveux amoureux [French] - Jessy Roussel
  23. Urekko Idol--C'est certain! [French] - Jessy Roussel
  24. Kerokero Dance--Nada como el Rock&Roll [Spanish] - Iker Alvarez
  25. Karate-ka Cool--Cae la lluvia [Spanish] - Vanessa Cebrian
  26. Staff Credit--El paraíso del ritmo [Spanish] - Iker Alvarez
  27. Box Show DX--Canta y ámame [Spanish] - Vanessa Cebrian
  28. Urekko Idol--Sé que esto es amor [Spanish] - Vanessa Cebrian
  29. Kerokero Dance--Amore al Rock'n'Roll [Italian] - Luca Ceccatelli
  30. Karate-ka Cool--Pioggia battente [Italian] - Maria
  31. Staff Credit--Cielo blu [Italian] - Luca Ceccatelli
  32. Box Show DX--Paradiso d'amore [Italian] - Costanza Ruto, Valentina Mazzeo
  33. Urekko Idol--È amore? Chi lo sa... [Italian] - Costanza Ruto
  34. Urekko Idol--Doki! Kouiu no ga Koi na no? (LIVE VERSION) (Bonus Track) 2009.5.9 Shibuya O-WEST LIVE VERSION (うれっこアイドル (ドキッ!こういうのが恋なの?) (LIVE VERSION) (Bonus Track)) - Eri~na

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