Rhythm Tengoku
Rhythm Game by Nintendo / J.P. Room
Native title リズム天国
Released August 3, 2006
Genre Rhythm
Platform Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo SPD, J.P. Room
Publisher Nintendo
Language Japanese
Rhythm Tengoku Chronology
Next Rhythm Tengoku Gold 2nd Game (2008)
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Title Screen

Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国;Rhythm Heaven) is a 2006 rhythm game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Nintendo and J.P. Room, the first game of the Rhythm Tengoku series. Tsunku is one of the game's producers and its primary composer. It was Nintendo's last release for the GBA and sold over a quarter million copies.


Rhythm Tengoku consists of dozens of minigames, each with its own set of rules on when to tap buttons based on audio and visual cues.

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