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Petit Best (プッチベスト), also called Pucchi Best, is an annual collection of compilations released by Hello! Project. Each release includes songs that were released during the year by all of their current artists with a few new songs also included. The series began in 2000, and a CD album and full-length DVD has accompanied each Petit Best title, both having different, but still very similar track lists. The DVDs for Petit Best 1 through 3 were released at the same time as the DVD for Petit Best 5, as a late release by Zetima with a holiday marketing objective, and included never-on-DVD releases for some of the songs that correspond with the CD albums of the same name.


  1. [2000.04.26] Petit Best ~Ki Ao Aka~ (プッチベスト~黄青あか~)
  2. [2001.12.19] Petit Best 2 ~3・7・10~ (プッチベスト2~三・7・10~)
  3. [2002.12.18] Petit Best 3 (プッチベスト3)
  4. [2003.12.17] Petit Best 4 (プッチベスト4)
  5. [2004.12.22] Petit Best 5 (プッチベスト5)
  6. [2005.12.21] Petit Best 6 (プッチベスト6)
  7. [2006.12.20] Petit Best 7 (プッチベスト7)
  8. [2007.12.12] Petit Best 8 (プッチベスト8)
  9. [2008.12.10] Petit Best 9 (プッチベスト9)
  10. [2009.12.02] Petit Best 10 (プッチベスト10)
  11. [2010.12.15] Petit Best 11 (プッチベスト11)
  12. [2011.12.07] Petit Best 12 (プッチベスト12)
  13. [2012.12.05] Petit Best 13 (プッチベスト13)
  14. [2013.12.11] Petit Best 14 (プッチベスト14)
  15. [2014.12.10] Petit Best 15 (プッチベスト15)
  16. [2015.12.16] Petit Best 16 (プッチベスト16)
  17. [2016.12.14] Petit Best 17 (プッチベスト17)

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