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May 2016
General Information



Years active



UP-FRONT WORKS (2016-present)



Natsuyaki Miyabi
Kobayashi Hikaru
Nihei Yuuka

PINK CRES. (ピンククレス) is a three-member group under UP-FRONT CREATE, including former Berryz Koubou member Natsuyaki Miyabi.

Their goal is to be a fashionable girl group that both men and women will fall in love at first sight with.[1]




On April 30, Natsuyaki Miyabi stated her intentions to start a new idol group during the web show GREEN ROOM.[2]

On July 1, the 2015 Natsuyaki Miyabi Shin Group Member Audition began in search of members for Natsuyaki's new group. On September 24, the audition staff announced there were no winners, but began a re-recruitment for the audition on the same day.


On April 1, it was announced that Nihei Yuuka and Kobayashi Hikaru, the only two finalists from the second recruitment, both won the 2015 Natsuyaki Miyabi Shin Group Member Audition and have become members of Natsuyaki's new group.[3]

On May 20, it was announced the group had joined M-line club,[4] and would hold their debut fanclub event on August 6.[5] At the event, the group performed their first two original songs: "Last Love" and "Summer Wonderland."[6][7]

On August 25, the group performed as guests at Buono!'s first concert at Nippon Budokan, with ℃-ute and Country Girls.[8] There they finally announced the group's name to be PINK CRES., and performed two more original songs: "Warning ~Mirai Keihou~" and "Uwa no Sora."[9][10] They were supported by DJ JURI.[11]

On December 8, PINK CRES. performed at GIRLS ROCK alongside ANGERME.[12]


On January 13, the group appeared as PINK CRES. feat. DJ JURI at Ima Mekashinai to vol.2 -Enbu no Utage- Show Case Edition.[13] They performed a new song together titled "Tell me why."[14]

Activities Outside JapanEdit

On February 11 and 12, 2017, PINK CRES. appeared as special guests at Japan Festa in Bangkok 2017.[15][16]

Group Name OriginsEdit

PINK is the official group color, and CRES. is an abbreviation for the musical term "crescendo," which means music gradually increasing in loudness and represents the group's gradual growth.[9][10]


Original SongsEdit

  • Last Love (ラスラブ)
  • Summer Wonderland
  • Warning ~Mirai Keihou~ (Warning~未来警報~)
  • Uwa no Sora (ウワノソラ)
  • Tell me why (as PINK CRES. feat. DJ JURI)


  • The group's official image color is pink.[9]
  • As PINK CRES. did not have a group name for four months after it was formed, it was jokingly called Miyabi Factory (みやびファクトリー) by Natsuyaki Miyabi and fans during that time.[17]


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