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Nijiiro Button
Single by Ishii Rika
Native title 虹色ボタン
Released 2008
Genre J-pop
Format CD single
Length 7:28
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous Kagetsu Yoru 3rd Event Single (2007)
Next blue 3rd Indies Single (2008)

Nijiiro Button (虹色ボタン; Rainbow-Colored Button) is the fourth event single by Ishii Rika, available for sale only at her live shows.


  1. Nanairo no Kutsu (七色の靴; Shoes of Seven Colors)
  2. Iris (アイリス)

Single InformationEdit

All music and lyrics

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Ishii Rika
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Event: 01, 02, 03, 04
Major: 01
Indies: Aoi Kuma, Slow Love, La mer
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