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Nega Poji Poji
DVD Cover
DVD by Tsubaki Factory, Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Native title ネガポジポジ
Released April 2017 (Fanclub, e-LineUP! Mall)
May 17, 2017 (General)
Format DVD+CD
Recorded 2016
Engeki Joshibu Theater Chronology
Previous MODE (2016)
Next Pharaoh no Haka (2017)

Promotional Poster

Nega Poji Poji (ネガポジポジ; Negative, Positive, Positive) is an Engeki Joshibu musical starring select members of Tsubaki Factory and Hello Pro Kenshuusei. It ran from November 3 to November 20, 2016 at BIG TREE THEATER.

The DVD of the musical will be released in late April 2017 for fanclub and e-LineUP! Mall pre-orders,[1][2] and will released for general sale on May 17, 2017. It includes all three different cast performances and a bonus soundtrack CD.


In front of that girl, I lied to myself.
In front of me, that girl lied to herself.
Negative, positive, positive, positive, negative, positive, positive...
Until that day, when that girl appears, we were never friends.

In a corner of Tokyo, "Manden House", a rice cracker shop is run.
Without a husband, a mother lives alone with four sensitive daughters.
On New Year's Eve of 1988, the second daughter Risa's "friend" Yumi comes to Manden House.
As Yumi is super positive and Risa is super negative, it doesn't seem possible these two became friends.
In the middle of Japan's "bubble economy" which caused an uproar at the time,
The door to the future couldn't be seen moving towards the end of the century.

In a strange opera, these girls chronicle the distorted growth and decline of this time from a place of "family".
Its title is "Nega Poji Poji".


From Tsubaki Factory
From Hello Pro Kenshuusei
From Engeki Joshibu
  • Nishiki Chika as Kazuko (和子)
Team A Pattern Team B Pattern Team C Pattern
Cast Yamagishi, Kaga, Horie, Kanatsu, Kiyono Ono, Takase, Maeda, Yoshida, Onoda Ogata, Asakura, Ichioka, Ono, Nishida
Ensemble Ono, Takase, Maeda, Kawamura, Yokoyama, Yoshida, Nishida Ogata, Asakura, Ichioka, Ono, Kawamura, Yokoyama, Nishida Yamagishi, Kaga, Horie, Kiyono, Kawamura, Yokoyama, Yoshida

※Nishiki Chika and Sudo Maasa star in all performances.


  • Script & Director: Emoto Junko
  • Music: Endo Koji
  • Choreographer: Nakabayashi Mai
  • Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew (BS-TBS)


Engeki Joshibu Musical "Nega Poji Poji" Original Soundtrack
Single by Tsubaki Factory
Native title 演劇女子部「ネガポジポジ」オリジナルサウンドトラック
Released November 3, 2016 (Venue)
December 7, 2016 (General)
Format CD

The original soundtrack for the musical was released as a CD single at the venue on November 3, 2016, and released for general sale on December 7, 2016.


  1. Nega Poji Poji (ネガポジポジ; Negative, Positive, Positive)
  2. Imamade Ikitekite Doukou (いままで生きてきてどうこう; Where Have You Lived Until Now?) - Team B
  3. Tempura Tabetai (てんぷら食べたい; I Want to Eat Tempura) - Team C
  4. Ima wa Dame (居間はだめ; The Living Room is Useless) - Team A

Bonus CD TracklistEdit

The DVD includes a bonus CD with unreleased tracks.

  1. Nega Poji Poji
  2. Chiisana Koi no Duet '88 (小さな恋のデュエット'88; Small Love Duet '88)
  3. Imamade Ikitekite Doukou
  4. Chuukurai no Koi Duet '92 (中くらいの恋のデュエット'92; Medium Love Duet '92)
  5. Tempura Tabetai
  6. Ima wa Dame
  7. The Yoru no YUMINA Hit Medley (ザ・夜のYUMINAヒットメドレー)
  8. Windows
  9. Yatto Sunao ni Ieru (やっと素直に言える; I Can Finally Speak Frankly)


Original Soundtrack
  • Lyrics: Emoto Junko
  • Composition: SOUNDKIDS
  • Arrangement: Endo Koji (All Tracks), Okade Rina (Tracks #1-2), Kurimoto Osamu (Tracks #3-4)




  • Yamagishi Riko as Yumi (Team A)
  • Ogata Risa as Risa (Team C)
  • Asakura Kiki as Yumi (Team C)
  • Ono Mizuho as Yumi (Team B)
  • Ichioka Reina as Kawakami (Team C)
  • Kaga Kaeda as Risa (Team A)
  • Horie Kizuki as Mai (Team A)
  • Takase Kurumi as Risa (Team B)
  • Maeda Kokoro as Mai (Team B)
  • Kanatsu Mizuki as Kawakami (Team A)
  • Ono Kotomi as Mai (Team C)
  • Kiyono Momohime as Rumi (Team A)
  • Kawamura Ayano
  • Yokoyama Reina
  • Yoshida Marie as Rumi (Team B)
  • Nishida Shiori as Rumi (Team C)
  • Sudo Maasa as Michi
  • Onoda Ayasa as Kawakami (Team B)
  • Nishiki Chika as Kazuko


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