Natsu fesu sansen kinen! -IDOL NATION 2013- Album Set-list

Album by Up Up Girls (Kari)

Released August 11, 2013
Genre J-pop
Recorded 2012-2013
Label T-Palette Records

Up Up Girls Albums Chronology

Previous: Natsu Festival Sansen Kinen! 8/3「ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013」Setlist Album 1st Digital Album
Next: Natsu Festival Sansen Kinen! 9/22「Inazuma Rock Festival 2013」Setlist Album 3rd Digital Album

Natsu Festival Sansen Kinen! 8/10「IDOL NATION 2013」Setlist Album (夏フェス参戦記念!8/10「IDOL NATION 2013」セットリストアルバム) is Up Up Girls' 2nd digital album. It was created to celebrate Up Up Girls' participation in Avex Group's 2013 IDOL NATION festival, and was released on August 11, 2013.


  1. overture (Kari) short ver.
  2. Natsu festival meldey <Respect Tokyo~Ichiban Girls!~UPPER ROCK>
  4. Up Up Typhoon
  5. Uppercut!

Featured MembersEdit


  • The album's title translates to Summer festival war participation memorial! 8/10「IDOL NATION 2013」Setlist Album.
  • The album's tracklist is the setlist Up Up Girls' performed with at Avex Group's 2013 IDOL NATION.

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