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Nakazawa Yuko
(なか)(ざわ) (ゆう)()
Nakazawa Yuko, 2014
Background Information
Also Known As Yuu-chan (ゆうーちゃん?)
“Big Sis”
Born June 19, 1973 (1973-06-19) (age 45)
Origin Kyoto, Japan
Blood Type O
Zodiac Sign Gemini Gemini
Height 159cm
Genres J-Pop, Enka
Occupation Singer, Actress, TV personality
Years Active 1997-present
(20 years)
Label zetima
Associated Acts Morning Musume, Akagumi 4, H.P. All Stars, Puripuri Pink, Afternoon Musume, Dream Morning Musume
Blog Nakazawa Yuko Official Blog
Morning Musume Information
Joined September 7, 1997
Generation 1st Generation
Member Color       Purple
Graduated April 15, 2001
Nakazawa's Autograph

Nakazawa Yuko (中澤裕子) born June 19, 1973, is a Japanese pop singer, actress, and TV-personality, best known as one of the original members of the all-female Japanese pop group Morning Musume. Currently, she is a solo artist with UP-FRONT CREATE. She was a part of Dream Morning Musume.


Nakazawa Yuko

Nakazawa Yuko, 2013

Artist photo (15)

Nakazawa Yuko, April 2011

Nakazawa yuko 2011


Nakazawa yuko 2010


Nakazawa yuko 2009


Yuko nakazawa 86



Nakazawa Yuko, October 2007

Nakazawa Yuko 2007



Nakazawa Yuko, September 2006

Nakazawa yuko 2001


Nakazawa Yuko 2186

Yuko 1998


Nakazawa Yuko was one of five runners-up in a 1997 talent contest for a new Japanese rock idol. After the contest, musician and producer Tsunku offered Nakazawa and the four other runners-up (Abe Natsumi, Iida Kaori, Ishiguro Aya, and Fukuda Asuka) the chance to be taken under his wing under one condition: they must sell 50,000 CDs of their debut song "Ai no Tane" within five days. The quintet accomplished that task in four days and Morning Musume was born with Nakazawa as the group's first leader. The group has since grown increasingly popular and is infamous for its fluctuating lineup, with members leaving and joining frequently.


Shortly after Morning Musume's formation, Nakazawa began a solo career, beginning with enka-style songs. She gradually moved to a more pop sound, but returned to enka with her eleventh single, "Urara." Her solo work has allowed her voice to shine in a way it rarely did in Morning Musume, as she mostly sung harmonies with only a few solo lines.


Nakazawa was a regular featured singer on Hello! Project's "Folk Songs" series. She was also placed in Akagumi 4 in Hello! Project's 2000 summer shuffles.


Being the oldest of the 1st generation of Morning Musume — she was 24 at the time of formation and nearly 28 upon leaving the group — Nakazawa held the role of the group's leader until her graduation on April 15, 2001. She has cited her reasons for leaving as being her age (she was 14 years older than the youngest member of the group, then 13 year old Kago Ai, at the time of her departure) and her desire to pursue other things by the time she was 30.


She participated in H.P. All Stars along with most of the rest of Hello!Project.


In Hello! Project's 2005 summer shuffles she was placed in Puripuri Pink.

On April 11, she became a performer on Tchu~nen!, a TV music program broadcast on the Mainichi Broadcasting System on Mondays, until the program ended on March 3, 2006.


Nakazawa had starred in Japanese dramas such as Beauty 7 and Home Maker, performed in various plays, and continued in her solo singing career at a steady pace with reasonable success. She still worked closely with Morning Musume and hosted their weekly show Hello! Morning (first regularly, then occasionally), until its end in early 2007.


It was announced on October 19 by Hello! Project that Nakazawa, along with the rest of Elder Club, would graduate from Hello! Project on March 31, 2009.[1][2]


On February 1, during the Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello☆Pro Award '09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ concert held at Yokohama Arena, Nakazawa passed on her leadership position in Hello! Project to Takahashi Ai of Morning Musume.[3]


Nakazawa Yuko was the special guest for Morning Musume's first performance in Paris at Japan Expo on July 2.[4]

In September, She joined a unit called Afternoon Musume (along with some others from Dream Morning Musume: Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki) to promote Georgia Coffee drinks.


On January 28, it was announced that Nakazawa would be a member of the OG member group Dream Morning Musume, and that they would be releasing their first album titled Dorimusu ① on April 20.

In August, it was announced that Nakazawa would star in the film TWILIGHT FILE VIII: Fighting Okan, which premiered in theaters in November.[5]

On December 6, Nakazawa announced she would be getting married in the following spring.[6] It was reported that Nakazawa would move to Fukuoka to be with her husband after getting married. Although Nakazawa would continue her career, her activities were reduced since she would be traveling back and forth between Tokyo and Fukuoka. However, she continued to participate in special concerts and events as much as she could.


On April 1, Nakazawa announced that she had registered her marriage that day.[7]

On June 19, Nakazawa announced that she was 5 months pregnant with her first child during her birthday live. She later announced it on her blog.[8]

On November 25, Nakazawa gave birth to a baby girl.[9]


In May, it was announced that Nakazawa would release an essay book titled Musume Kara Haha e (娘。から母へ; From a Musume to a Mother) on June 19.[10]

On October 1, Nakazawa, along with many other UP-FRONT PROMOTION members were transferred to UP-FRONT CREATE.

On December 31, Nakazawa participated as an MC in the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ and also performed with other OG members.[11]


On April 3, Nakazawa made her first appearance as a regular Thursday commentator on Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation's Mentai Wide, and announced that she moved to Fukuoka that spring because it was convenient for her husband's job and caring for her daughter.[12]

On December 7, Nakazawa announced that she was five months pregnant with her second child.[13]


On May 7, Nakazawa gave birth to a boy.[14]


  • Birth name: Nakazawa Yuko (中澤裕子)
  • Stage name: Nakazawa Yuko (中澤ゆうこ) (for solo releases from 1998-2001)
  • Date married: April 1, 2012
  • Family: Husband, Daughter, Son
  • Nickname: Yuu-chan (ゆうーちゃん), “Big Sis”, Misoji (Three Decades Old)
  • Birthdate: June 19, 1973 (1973-06-19) (age 45)
  • Birthplace: Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 159 cm (5’2.6″)
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 1997-09-07: Member
    • 1997-09-07: Morning Musume Member
    • 2001-04-15: Graduated from Morning Musume
    • 2009-03-31: Graduated
    • 2013-10-01: Member
  • Years in Morning Musume: 4 Years
  • Morning Musume Color: Purple
  • Hobbies: Map driving
  • Western Zodiac: Gemini
  • Eastern Zodiac: Ox
  • Current Units:
  • Past Units:
  • Shuffle Units:

  • Charm point: Nose
  • Habits: Bites tongue when asleep, Stretching top lip, touching bangs
  • Fears: Natural disasters, live broadcasts
  • Something she can't handle: Seeing people cry
  • Most used emoticon: :heartbeat:
  • Strengths: "I'm easily impassioned"
  • Weaknesses: Short temper, easily
  • Favorite movies: "Phenomenon", "Legally Blonde", "City of Angels", "Shuri"
  • Favorite book: "Angel's Egg"
  • Favorite phrase: “Survival of the fittest…”
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite flowers: Cherry blossoms
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite food: Squid, boiled fresh white rice
  • Disliked food: Bananas, tomatoes, miso soup with bean curd and onions
  • Favorite clothes: Miniskirts
  • Favorite song: "Tokyo Bijin"

Singles Participated InEdit

Morning MusumeEdit

Morning Musume 20thEdit

Akagumi 4Edit

H.P. All StarsEdit

Puripuri PinkEdit

Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu SingersEdit

Dream Morning MusumeEdit

Discography Edit

For releases as a member of Morning Musume, please see the Morning Musume Discography.

Albums Edit

Best AlbumsEdit



  • [2000.04.26] Hello! Project - Petit Best ~Ki Ao Aka~ (プッチベスト~黄青あか~) (#11 Junjou Koushinkyoku)
  • [2001] Yu.u.wa.ku (ゆ・う・わ・く) (fanclub CD)
  • [2001.04.18] Various - Together! -Tanpopo, Petit, Mini, Yuko- (Together! -タンポポ・プッチ・ミニ・ゆうこ-) (#4 Kuyashi Namida Porori, #9 Shanghai no Kaze, #12 Akai Nikkichou (by Nakazawa Version))
  • [2001.12.19] Hello! Project - Petit Best 2 ~3, 7, 10~ (プッチベスト2~三・7・10~) (#11 Futari Gurashi)
  • [2002.12.18] Hello! Project - Petit Best 3 (プッチベスト3) (#9 Tokyo Bijin)
  • [2003.02.19] Minimoni - Minimoni the Movie Okashi na Daibouken! Original Soundtrack (ミニモニ。じゃムービーお菓子な大冒険!オリジナルサウンドトラック) (#3 Watashi wa Kono Yo de Ichiban Bijin)
  • [2003.12.17] Hello! Project - Petit Best 4 (プッチベスト4) (#14 GET ALONG WITH YOU)
  • [2004.12.22] Hello! Project - Petit Best 5 (プッチベスト5) (#10 DO MY BEST)
  • [2006.12.20] Hello! Project - Petit Best 7 (プッチベスト7) (#12 Urara)

Solo SongsEdit

Group SongsEdit



TV ProgramsEdit

  • [1999, 2001–2002] Idol wo Sagase! (アイドルをさがせ!) (as MC)
  • [2000] Morning Musume no Heso (モーニング娘。のへそ)
  • [2000] Friday Night wa Onegai! Morning (フライデーナイトはお願い!モーニング)
  • [2000–2007] Hello! Morning (ハロー!モーニング。)
  • [2001–2004] M no Mokushiroku (Mの黙示録) (as MC)
  • [2001–2005] Osaka Hatsu Genki Dash!DOYAH (大阪発元気ダッシュ!DOYAH) (as MC)
  • [2002–2003] Hello Land (ハローランド)
  • [2003] NHK Junior Special (NHKジュニアスペシャル)
  • [2004] Futarigoto (二人ゴト)
  • [2005–2006] Cchu~nen! (っちゅ〜ねん!)
  • [2006] Chichin Puipui (ちちんぷいぷい)
  • [2001–2003, 2005–2006] Morita Kazuyoshi Hour: Waratte Ii to mo! (森田一義アワー 笑っていいとも!)
  • [2010] Iki da ne! Watashi no Tokyo Jikan (イキだね!わたしの東京時間)
  • [2010–2011] Geki ☆ Otoboke plus (激☆音ボケ plus)
  • [2010–2011] Tsuuhan Bijin Trend Collection (通販美人 Trend Collection)
  • [2011] Daredemo Dekiru Hajimete no Kirie (誰でもできる はじめての切り絵)
  • [2014–] Mentai Waido (めんたいワイド) (guest commentator on Thursdays)

TV DramasEdit

  • [1998] Taiyo Musume to Umi (太陽娘と海)
  • [2001] Beauty 7 (ビューティ7)
  • [2001] Mukai Arata no Doubutsu Nikki ~Aiken Rossinante no Sainan~ (向井荒太の動物日記~愛犬ロシナンテの災難~)
  • [2002] Ginza no Koi (ギンザの恋)
  • [2002] Gokusen (ごくせん)
  • [2003] Densetsu no Madame (伝説のマダム)
  • [2004] Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho 3, 4 & 5(こちら本池上署)
  • [2004] Home Maker (ほーむめーかー)
  • [2007] Getsuyou Golden (月曜ゴールデン)
  • [2009] Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi SP (特命係長 只野仁 シーズン4突入スペシャル)
  • [2009] Doyou Wide Gekijou (土曜ワイド劇場「火災調査官・紅蓮次郎」) (as Tanashi Kozue)
  • [2010] Matsumoto Seichou Drama Special: Kiri no Hata (松本清張ドラマスペシャル・霧の旗) (as Otsuka Yoshiko)
  • [2011] Sakura Shinjuu (さくら心中) (as Takakura Akemi)
  • [2012] Counter no Futari (カウンターのふたり) (as Okano Ayako)


  • [2001] Footloose (フットルース)
  • [2003] Edo no Hanayome (江戸の花嫁)
  • [2005-2006] Kasagi Shizuko Monogatari Wagauta Boogie Woogie (笠置シズ子物語 わが歌ブギウギ)
  • [2006, 2008] Apache Toride no Koubou "Tomadoi no Nichiyoubi" (アパッチ砦の攻防「戸惑いの日曜日」)
  • [2007] Blue Blue Birthday (ぶるー・ブルー・バースディ)
  • [2007; 2008; 2010; 2011] Saka no Gabai Baachan (佐賀のがばいばあちゃん)
  • [2009] Kagayake! Shufu Band FOUR RIVERS Smoke on the Water 2009 (輝け! 主婦バンド FOUR RIVERS スモーク・オン・ザ・ウォーター2009)
  • [2010] Haha no Sakura ga Chitta Yoru (母の桜が散った夜)
  • [2010, 2012] Genji Monogatari x Ohguro Maki songs ~Boku wa, Juunihitoe ni Koi wo Suru~ (源氏物語×大黒摩季songs 〜ボクは、十二単に恋をする〜)


Pinch RunnerMinimonitheMovieOkashinaDaibouken-dvd

  • [2001] Pinch Runner
  • [2003] Minimoni the Movie Okashi na Daibouken! (Voice)
  • [2005] Tetsujin 28 Gou
  • [2011] TWILIGHT File VIII: Fighting Okan (ファイティング オカン TWILIGHT FILE VIII)
  • [2011] Koitani Bashi ~Vallée de l'amour~
  • [2012] Atsuhime Number 1 (篤姫ナンバー1) (as Tae)


  • [2000–2001] Nakazawa Yuko no All Night Nippon SUPER! (中澤裕子のallnightnippon SUPER!)
  • [2002–2004] Young Town Douyoubi (ヤングタウン土曜日)
  • [2004–2006] Ki mama ni Classic (気ままにクラシック)
  • [2005–2008] Majiasa! (マジアサ!)
  • [2008–2009] JAM PUNCH (ジャム パンチ!)
  • [2011–2012] BAY LINE GO GO!! (ベイライン・ゴー!・ゴー!) (DJ on Wednesdays)
  • [2014–2015] Entame Variety THE☆Hit Jouhou (エンタメバラエティ THE☆ヒット情報) (on Tuesdays)

Commercials Edit

  • [2000] Glico Mousse Pocky
  • [2001] Elleseine (エルセーヌ)
  • [2001–2002] Oriko Card (オリコカード)
  • [2001] Nihon Chouou Keiba (日本中央競馬会) (Voice actor)
  • [2002] Shiseido Cty Veil (資生堂シティベール)
  • [2008] Gen hin fugu (玄品ふぐ)
  • [2009] House hokuhin kare nabe tsuyu (ハウス食品カレー鍋つゆ)
  • [2011] DHC Protein Diet (DHCプロティンダイエット)

Music VideosEdit

  • [2014] Koisuru Baila Baila - KYOKO

Publications Edit

Solo Photobooks Edit


  1. [2001.08.24] Feather
  2. [2002.11.25] Watashi ga Omou, Konna Onna (私が思う、こんな女)

Essay Books Edit


  • [2002.07.30] Kaishin (改心)
  • [2003.11.17] Zutto Ushiro Kara Mite Kita (ずっと後ろから見てきた)
  • [2013.06.19] Musume. kara Haha e (娘。から母へ)


  • She ranked #1 in music goo's 2011 "The best former leaders of Morning Musume" poll.


  • She worked as an OL (Office Lady) prior to joining Morning Musume at age 24.
  • She was known as an older sister figure within Hello! Project but was also famous for her aggressive, Yankee-like personality as well.
  • She (along with Heike Michiyo) served as the leader of Hello! Project.
  • She has grown accustomed to usually speaking with a Tokyo dialect, and has usually suggested fellow members from Kansai (Heike Michiyo, Kago Ai, and more recently Mitsui Aika) speak in a Tokyo dialect while in Hello! Project. Ironically, she is known for bursting out in her native Kansai dialect whenever she is annoyed, usually “scaring” younger members.
  • She was particularly close to Ichii Sayaka before her graduation from Morning Musume and Hello! Project, and still remains a fairly close friend to her and her new family.
  • She used to be a big fan of punk music.
  • She has one sister (as well as a niece) and also has 2 chihuahuas: Taro (male) and Hana (female).
  • She has stated that her reason for graduating from Morning Musume was that she began to feel physically limited from keeping up with the group’s activities due to her age.
  • At one point, she hated bananas so much that she felt repulsed just being in the same room with them. However, when asked by Tsuji Nozomi what had changed about her since she had graduated from Morning Musume, Nakazawa said that she could now be in the same room with someone eating a banana and is fine with it.
  • She is not a big fan of using phones and is known for not answering the phone (so much so that Yasuda Kei has said it is a “miracle” if Nakazawa answers the phone).
  • She was one of the oldest members of Hello! Project.
  • She is the seventh former Morning Musume member to get married, the first being Ishiguro Aya, second being Ichii Sayaka, third being Iida Kaori, fourth being Tsuji Nozomi, fifth being Fujimoto Miki, and sixth being Yaguchi Mari
  • She is the first former Morning Musume member to only graduate from Morning Musume and not Hello! Project.
  • On Music Fighter (Naichau Kamo), when asked to think of a new nickname for her, Junjun answered "Nakazawa-chan", and Linlin answered "Blonde Fat Ass" after being given the suggestion by one of the hosts.
  • Tsunku describes her as being "harsh" and a "sadist."
  • She co-wrote the song "Koi no Kioku" with Tsunku.
  • Her son (born on May 7th, 2015) shares his birthday with Morning Musume members Konno Asami and Sato Masaki.

Total Sales CountEdit

Year Year Sales Total Sales
1998 102,480 102,480
1999 26,820 129,300
2000 52,560 181,860
2001 112,650 294,510
2002 16,860 311,370
2003 13,147 324,517
2004 20,834 345,351
2005 0 345,351
2006 3,966 349,317
2007 4,275 353,592

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Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Leader of Morning Musume
1997 – 2001

Succeeded by
Iida Kaori


Leader of Hello! Project
2001 – 2009

Succeeded by
Takahashi Ai


Oldest Member of Morning Musume
September 7, 1997 - April 15, 2001

Succeeded by
Yasuda Kei


Oldest Member of Hello! Project
January 26, 1998 - April 1999

Succeeded by
Shinoda Miho

Preceded by
Shinoda Miho

Oldest Member of Hello! Project
October 10, 2000 - March 31, 2009

Succeeded by
Takahashi Ai

Family TreeEdit

Baby Girl
Baby Boy


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