DVD Cover

Morning Musume Best Shot Vol.2 (モーニング娘。〜ベストショット〜vol.2) is a DVD collection of PVs that features individual members and small subgroups of Morning Musume covering previously released songs. The PVs are shot in a very informal style, compared to the group's usual single releases.

This DVD was released on May 28, 2004, and it was made available only to fanclub members.


  1. Opening (Background Music: Koko ni Iruzee!)
  2. Tsunku Comment 1
  3. Do it! Now - Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Ogawa Makoto
  4. Usotsuki Anta - Fujimoto Miki
  5. Da Di Du De Do Da Di! - Kago Ai
  6. Tsunku Comment 2
  7. DANCE Suru no da! - Iida Kaori, Yoshizawa Hitomi
  8. Koi no Shihatsu Ressha - Takahashi Ai, Konno Asami, Tanaka Reina
  9. Tsunku Comment 3
  10. Furusato - Tsuji Nozomi
  11. Ending (Background Music: HEY! Mirai)

Featured MembersEdit

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