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Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Aki ~Rival Survival~

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Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Aki ~Rival Survival~
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DVD Cover
Morning Musume Concert Tour
Native title モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2010秋~ライバルサバイバル~
Opening Date September 18, 2010
Closing Date December 15, 2010
Released February 23, 2011 (DVD)
April 13, 2011 (BD)
Format DVD, Blu-Ray
Recorded December 15, 2010
Morning Musume Concert Tours Chronology
Previous Pikappika! Spring 2010 Tour
Next Shin Souseiki Fantasy DX Spring 2011 Tour
Other Covers
BD Cover



Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Aki ~Rival Survival~ (モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2010秋~ライバルサバイバル~) is the twenty-forth live DVD released by Morning Musume. It features footage from their autumn 2010 concert tour on December 15, 2010 at Yokohama Arena. This concert also featured the graduation of Kamei Eri, Junjun, and Linlin. The DVD ranked at #7 and sold 9,463 copies, while the Blu-ray ranked at #13 and sold 2,087 copies.


  1. Souda! We're ALIVE (そうだ! We're ALIVE)
  2. Hand made CITY
  3. VTR - Member Introduction
  4. Appare! Kaiten Zushi (あっぱれ回転ずし!)
  5. MC1
  6. Nakidasu Kamo Shirenai yo (泣き出すかもしれないよ)
  7. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai (女が目立って なぜイケナイ)
  8. Tsuyoki de Yukouze! (強気で行こうぜ!)
  9. MC2
  10. Medley
  11. MC3
  12. Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo (愛され過ぎることはないのよ)
  13. Ookii Hitomi (大きい瞳) - Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina
  14. Yuugure Sakusen Kaigi (夕暮れ作戦会議) - Niigaki Risa solo
  15. Suppin to Namida. (スッピンと涙。) Takahashi Ai solo
  16. MC4
  17. Watarasebashi (渡良瀬橋) - Linlin solo
  18. Furusato (ふるさと) - Junjun solo
  19. Haru Beautiful Everyday (春 ビューティフル エブリディ) - Kamei Eri solo
  20. Seishun Collection (青春コレクション)
  21. Kimagure Princess (気まぐれプリンセス)
  22. Odore! Morning Curry (踊れ! モーニングカレー)
  23. 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN' OUT!
  24. Guruguru JUMP (グルグルJUMP)
  25. MC5
  26. Tomo (友)


  1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (女と男のララバイゲーム)
  2. MC (Sotsugyou Ceremony) (卒業セレモニー; Graduation Ceremony)
  3. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (雨の降らない星では愛せないだろう?)
  4. Ai Araba IT'S ALL RIGHT (愛あらば IT'S ALL RIGHT)
  5. MC6
  6. Namidacchi (涙ッチ)

Featured MembersEdit

Opening Act (12/15 only)



  • Promotion
  • Poster
  • Cast
  • Takahashi Ai
  • Takahashi Ai
  • Takahashi Ai
  • Niigaki Risa
  • Niigaki Risa
  • Niigaki Risa
  • Kamei Eri
  • Kamei Eri
  • Kamei Eri
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Tanaka Reina
  • Tanaka Reina
  • Mitsui Aika
  • Mitsui Aika
  • Mitsui Aika
  • JunJun
  • JunJun
  • JunJun
  • LinLin
  • LinLin
  • LinLin

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