Morning Musume 2nd Tsuika Audition
The only winner: Goto Maki
General Information
Total Applicants 11,000 Auditionees
Winner Goto Maki
Morning Musume Auditions Chronology
Previous 1st Tsuika Audition (1998)
Next 3rd Tsuika Audition (2000)

Morning Musume 2nd Tsuika Audition (モーニング娘。第2回追加オーディション) was an audition held in 1999, in search of third generation members for Morning Musume.

Audition detailsEdit

Application Requirements
Female, must be in 7th through 12th Grade during the auditions.
Total Applicants
11,000 Auditionees
Training Camp and Theme Song
Voice - Summer Night Town

Audition ProcessEdit

First RoundEdit

The girls submit an application before the due date in order to participate.


In 1999, during the television program ASAYAN, Goto Maki was announced as the sole winner of the audition.


  • Notable failed auditionees include singers Koda Kumi and Sonim, comedian and TV personality Imoto Ayako, comedian and professional boxer Yamazaki Shizuyo, and gravure idol Isoyama Sayaka.