Morning Musume 12ki OFFICIAL BOOK
Book by Morning Musume 12th Generation
Released December 12, 2016
Publisher Wani Books

Morning Musume 12ki OFFICIAL BOOK (モーニング娘。12期オフィシャルブック) is a book by the 12th generation members of Morning Musume to commemorate their two years in the group. It was published on December 12, 2016 by Wani Books.

Official DescriptionEdit

Four people who will carry on Morning Musume's next generation――looking back at their two years.

Morning Musume the active female idol group with the longest history will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their formation next year.
In September 2014, Ogata Haruna (17), Nonaka Miki (17), Makino Maria (15), and Haga Akane (14), the 12th generation and youngest members of the group joined. These four will release their first official book for achieving two years.

There is about two years of gravure that has been photographed, from immediately after they joined up until November of this year; solo interviews looking back; a blunt "I can finally say it now!" round-table discussion; and individual Q&A. After that, the 12th generation discuss their future goals and their now polished appearances―the individual personalities of these four are full of charm!!

Book PreviewEdit

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  • A preview of the book's gravure photos was published in the January 2017 issue of UTB+.[1]
  • A release event for the book was held on December 16, 2016 at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho.[2][3] However, Haga Akane was absent due to poor health.[4]


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