Momochi no Kimochi
Photo Essay Book by Tsugunaga Momoko
Released June 22, 2013
Publisher Wani Books
Photographer Miyake Kazuya, Fujimaru Osamu
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Momochi no Kimochi (ももちのきもち; Momochi's Feelings) is Tsugunaga Momoko's first photo essay book. It was released on June 22, 2013.

Official DescriptionEdit

As a member of Berryz Koubou, as well as becoming impressively known as "Momochi" on variety shows, Tsugunaga Momoko has decided to release her first photo essay!

Speaking of Momochi's "Yurushite nyan♪" = 22 (read "nyan nyan"), her essay is focused on writing about 22 different themes such as "tears", "rice cookers", "rebellious phase", "illusory taste", "dreams", and "a single word that changed destiny".

It includes her novelist debut with the short story trilogy "Momochi's Delusional Theater", a summary of the essentials of being an idol in the "Twenty-Two Articles of Momochi-like Idol Rules", and she discusses everything from her pinky to her Momochi pigtails in the "New Book of Momochi Anatomy".

Furthermore, she has a conversation with the well-understanding(?) Dan Mitsu. After completing her teaching practice at a primary school, she shows off her teaching with her first student in entertainment(!?), Suzuki Fuku. The photo essay is then finished with how she became "Momochi" of now.

Momochi fans, the 10 million people nationwide that aren't just girls who want to become Momochi, those who's eyes follow her unconsciously when she appears on TV—this is a book that "Momochi beginners" can pick up and buy.

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