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Miura Yoshiko

Miura Yoshiko (三浦徳子), sometimes credited as Airin, is a Japanese lyricist. Miura made her debut as a lyricist in 1977 when she wrote the Takada Mizue song "DÔMO DÔMO". Since then, she has written songs for many different singers and idol groups.


  • Name: Miura Yoshiko (三浦徳子)
  • Other Pen Names: Airin, Ai Hayashi (亜伊林)
  • Birthplace: Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Lyrics CreditsEdit


Ciao Bella CinquettiEdit

Country GirlsEdit


Hello Pro KenshuuseiEdit

Ichii SayakaEdit


Kobushi FactoryEdit

Mano ErinaEdit

Matsuura AyaEdit

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Sexy OtonajanEdit

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