Minimoni Shakatto Tambourine! Da Pyon!
Rhythm Action Game by Minimoni
Native title ミニモニ。シャカっとタンバリン!だぴょん!
Released September 19, 2002
Genre Rhythm Action
Platform PlayStation
Publisher Sega
Language Japanese
Minimoni Games Chronology
Previous Minimoni Mika no Happy Morning Chatty (2002)
Next Kids Station Minimoni ni Ninaru no da Pyon! (2002)
Other Covers
Tambourine Controller Version

Minimoni Shakatto Tambourine! Da Pyon! (ミニモニ。シャカっとタンバリン!だぴょん!) is a rhythm game published by Sega for the PlayStation in 2002. It was a home version of the arcade Shakatto Tambourine game, but starring Minimoni and using songs from both Minimoni and Morning Musume. It is part of the Samba de Amigo game series, but uses tambourine controllers instead of maraca controllers.


  1. Minimoni Hinamatsuri!
  2. Mini Strawberry Pie
  3. Minimoni Telephone! Rin Rin Rin
  4. Minimoni Bus Guide
  5. Minimoni Jankenpyon!
  6. Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Daisukki!
  7. Minimoni. Dancing!
  8. Minimoni. no Uta
  9. Mr.Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~
  10. The☆Peace!
  11. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru
  12. LOVE Machine
  13. Koi no Dance Site
  14. Happy Summer Wedding
  15. I WISH
  16. Ren'ai Revolution 21
  17. Say Yeah! -Motto Miracle Night-

and more

Featured MembersEdit

The game features the cartoon representations of first generation Minimoni:


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