Michishige Sayumi to Iu Ikikata - Morning Musume. Shijo Saikyo no Leader to Yobareru Made -
道重さゆみという生き方 モーニング娘。史上最強のリーダーと呼ばれるまで
Book by Michishige Sayumi
Released August 7, 2015
Publisher Haro Tora Tencho
Michishige Sayumi Publication Chronology
Previous Sayu
Next Itoshi no Paris Neko -Oshare de Kawaii Paris no Neko Café de Iyasareru!-

Michishige Sayumi to Iu Ikikata - Morning Musume. Shijo Saikyo no Leader to Yobareru Made - (道重さゆみという生き方 モーニング娘。史上最強のリーダーと呼ばれるまで) Is a Book by Michishige Sayumi. It was relsated August 7, 2015 by Haro Tora Tencho.

Morning Musume Michishige Sayumi's way of living. Until it is called the strongest leader in history (Metropolitan Shinsho) / Hello Tiger manager / writer

12 years ago the girl did not have anything. At least as a singer, it seemed like there was no genius as a dancer. Yes, she reflected on the landscape of "Morning Musume LOVE Audition 2002" televised at the time was exactly the same as our "audience". To be honest, she seemed to be a candidate without musical knowledge enough to confer superiority to the audience. I have rich talent and nothing I laughed at nature as a fool who projects himself to this 13-year-old girl and makes a reckless challenge. I already experienced many setbacks and I got accustomed to that and I was interested in her innocent appearance which would not yet be frustrated. While acknowledging the badness of my own intriguing intuition, I got instinctively that "she must definitely beat in reality ...", and when that moment comes, I am interested in what kind of expression she expresses and how it can be hurt I was aroused.

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