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Matsuura Aya Concert Tour 2004 Haru ~Watashi to Watashi to Anata~ (松浦亜弥コンサートツアー2004春〜私と私とあなた〜) is Matsuura Aya's Spring 2004 concert tour DVD. It was released on August 11, 2004. The DVD sold 19,555 copies.

Set ListEdit

  1. Opening / Opening SE (オープニング/オープニングSE)
  2. Kiseki no Kaori Dance. (奇跡の香りダンス。)
  3. Original Jinsei (オリジナル人生)
  4. MC1
  5. Koishite Gomen ne (恋してごめんね)
  6. Yeah! Meccha Holiday (Yeah!めっちゃホリディ)
  7. MC2
  8. Hyacinth (風信子(ヒヤシンス))
  9. VTR1 BGM / 100kai no KISS (Reading) (VTR1 BGM/100回のKISS(朗読))
  10. Medley I know / Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail / Oshare! / I know (メドレー I know/ドッキドキ!LOVEメール/オシャレ/I know)
  11. MC3
  12. ♡Momoiro Kataomoi♡ (♡桃色片想い♡)
  13. VTR2 / Ne~e? / BGM / BE ALL RIGHT! / 11WATER (VTR2/ね〜え?/BGM/BE ALL RIGHT!/11WATER)
  14. Ne~e? (ね〜え?)
  15. LOVE Namida Iro (LOVE涙色)
  17. Zettai Tokeru Mondai X =♡ (絶対解ける問題 X=♡)
  18. GOOD BYE Natsuo (GOOD BYE 夏男)
  19. MC4
  20. Hatsukoi (初恋)
  21. The Bigaku (The 美学)
  22. MC5
  23. Kanousei no Michi (可能性の道)

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