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Makino Maria
(まき)() ()()()


Makino Maria-691777


Makino Maria promoting "BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy"
Background Information
Also Known As Maria (まりあ?)
Born February 2, 2001 (2001-02-02) (age 16)
Origin Nishio, Aichi, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Aquarius Aquarius
Height 165cm
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol, Singer, Model
Years Active 2012-present
(4 years)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Kenshuusei, Morning Musume, Hello! Project Station Dance Club
Blog Morning Musume 12KI
Morning Musume Information
Joined September 30, 2014
Generation 12th Generation
Member Color       Light Pink
Debut Single Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru / Yuugure wa Ameagari / Ima Koko Kara
Time in Group 2 Years, 5 Months, 22 Days
Hello Pro Kenshuusei Information
Joined December 2012
Generation 17th Generation
Left September 30, 2014
Graduated December 29, 2014
Makino's Autograph
Ten years from now, I hope I'll be the leader of Morning Musume. I'm a big fan of Michishige Sayumi. I want to devote myself to Morning Musume like she did.[1]

–Makino Maria, November 2015

Makino Maria (牧野真莉愛) is a Japanese pop singer under Hello! Project as a twelfth generation member of Morning Musume.[2] She first joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei on November 1, 2012[2] and was introduced at Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2012 ~12gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~.[3]



Makino Maria, November 2016


Makino Maria, May 2016

MakinoTsumetai 1

Makino Maria, December 2015


Makino Maria, August 2015


Makino Maria, April 2015


Makino Maria, December 2014


Makino Maria, September 2014 in Morning Musume

Maria makino

Makino Maria, February 2014


Makino Maria, November 2013


Makino Maria, February 2013

Early LifeEdit

Makino Maria was born on February 2, 2001 in Nishio, Aichi, Japan.[4]

In summer 2011, Makino auditioned the Morning Musume 10ki Member "Genki Jirushi" Audition, but failed to enter the group.[5]


In summer 2012, Makino auditioned the Morning Musume 11ki Member "Suppin Utahime" Audition and made it to the finals,[6] but failed to enter the group.

On November 1, Makino joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[2] On November 20, it was officially announced that Makino joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei alongside five other girls.[6] She was officially introduced on December 9 at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2012 ~12gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~ alongside Kanazawa TomokoKaga KaedeWada SakurakoIchioka Reina and Kishimoto Yumeno.[3]


In January, Makino started her Kenshuusei activities by participating as a back-dancer in the Winter 2013 Hello! Project concert tour.

On March 6, a fanclub event was held for Makino and Ichioka Reina at Pacific Heaven venue.[7] Hamaura Ayano, Ogawa Rena and Yamagishi Riko also participated the event as guests.[8]


From April 5 to June 29, Makino participated in ℃-ute's Spring 2014 Concert Tour as the opening act and challenge act alongside Hamaura Ayano, Murota Mizuki, Yamagishi Riko and Fujii Rio.[9]

On September 30, during the Morning Musume '14 concert tour at Nippon Budokan, it was announced that Makino was selected to join Morning Musume as a 12th generation member along with Ogata Haruna, Nonaka Miki and fellow Hello Pro Kenshuusei member Haga Akane,[2] subsequently leaving Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[10]


On January 8, she began a weekly column in the Nikkan Sports newspaper (Hokkaido-region only), where she discusses her favorite baseball team the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

On March 7, she was offered the opportunity to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Nippon Ham Fighters vs. Seibu Lions game at Tokyo Dome on April 7.

On March 24, Makino released her first solo e-Hello! Blu-ray, Greeting ~Makino Maria~.

On November 14, Makino released her first mini photobook, titled Makino Maria Mini Photobook "Greeting -Photobook-", featuring photographs taken during the filming of her e-Hello! Blu-ray.


On February 2, Makino celebrated her 15th birthday at a special event titled Morning Musume '16 Makino Maria Birthday Event, featuring two performances at IMA Hall in Tokyo.

On March 22, Makino was a guest at a live recording of Suzuki Kanon's radio show Morning Musume '16 Suzuki Kanon no Itsudemo! Kannon Smile. At the recording, Suzuki announced Makino would be her successor starting in June after Suzuki graduates.[11][12] The title of Makino's radio show was later revealed to be Morning Musume '16 Makino Maria no Marian♥LOVErin Desu♥, with the first episode airing May 31.[13]

On August 6, Makino released her first solo photobook, titled Maria.

On August 20, Makino became a model for the girls' fashion magazine LOVE berry, alongside Kobushi Factory member Inoue Rei.[14][15] They both made their first appearance in the vol.3 issue published on the same day.


On February 2, Makino celebrated her 16th birthday at a special event titled Morning Musume '17 Makino Maria Birthday Event, featuring one performance at Yamano Hall.

Personal LifeEdit

Makino is an only child.[16]

When Makino joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei in November 2012, she was a 6th year elementary school student.[3] When Makino joined Morning Musume in September 2014, she was a second year middle school student.[2]

In elementary school, Makino was a member of her elementary school's basketball club and Invention club.[16]In 2014, during Makino's second year in middle school, she was second place in her school's sports festival 200m run.[16]

As of April 2016, she is currently attending her first year of high school.

Makino is 1-kyu certified in swimming.[16]

The following list are notable friendships Makino Maria has acquired:

Makino's given name, Maria, means "true" (真; ma), "jasmine" (莉; ri), and "love" (愛; a). Her parents chose this name because it would be familiar abroad.[18]

Here is a list of nicknames that have been used to refer to Makino Maria:


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Solo Blu-raysEdit


Solo Fanclub DVDsEdit



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Solo PhotobooksEdit


  1. [2015.11.14] Makino Maria Mini Photobook "Greeting -Photobook-"
  2. [2016.08.06] Maria




TV ProgramsEdit



  • [2015–2017] Morning Musume '17 12ki Nikki! (モーニング娘。’17 12期日記!)
  • [2016–] Morning Musume '17 Makino Maria no Marian♥LOVErin Desu♥ (モーニング娘。'17牧野真莉愛のまりあん♥LOVEりんですっ♥)
  • [2017–] Morning Musume '17 no Morning Diary (モーニング娘。'17のモーニングダイアリー)


  • She ranked third in the "Best at MC in Hello Pro Kenshuusei" category of the March 2014 issue of Gekkan Entame.[28]


  • She's a fan of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Tsuyoshi Shinjo.
  • She believes she won't lose to any other member in her support of professional baseball.
  • Her dream was to join Morning Musume, and become an idol like Michishige Sayumi.
  • Michishige Sayumi has said that Maria was her favorite Hello Pro Kenshuusei member.
  • Tsunku said that she looks clever, and that if she joins Morning Musume, she could be at the front in no time.[29]
  • When she became a Morning Musume member, the first thing she wanted to do was to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game.
  • The first Morning Musume song she knew was Seishun Collection.
  • If God could grant her one thing, she would wish to become a beautiful lady like Michishige Sayumi.
  • Kanazawa Tomoko has said that Maria is very funny and the most interesting part about her is that she doesn’t put on much of a character; she’s the same person on stage as she is in the dressing room.
  • She wants to try singing "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (2011 Dreamusu. Ver.)" by Dream Morning Musume.
  • She thinks the best things about joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei were being able to do things she wouldn't normally be able to do and learning alot, and becoming friends with Sasaki Rikako.
  • She thinks the hardest thing about Hello Pro Kenshuusei was getting put in the back row on stage and not being able to see the audience.
  • She sang "The Peace!" for the 2013 test event and "Happy Summer Wedding" for the 2014 test event.
  • She used to be nervous for lessons. She feels like she has only improved in singing and rhythm by a little bit, but she wants to keep getting better, so she listens to the music to find ways to improve.
  • She and Haga Akane are the first members of Morning Musume to be born in the 21st century.
  • Tsunku's comments: "Please get a better sense of the rhythm and details in dancing. You have a look that you give too often where you seem so serious, so it would be good for you to have something individualistic about your self-introduction, or a gag, or a catch-phrase so as to overcome that wall."
  • According to an interview on JUNON Magazine released in July 2014, Makino hoped on getting a pink member color.
  • She works best under pressure.[16]
  • She has bad eyesight, so she has to wear contacts, and sometimes, glasses.
  • She's good at cooking ohagi rice balls, and doing an impression of Donald Duck.
  • She thinks she's a boke.
  • During a prank show, Yoshizawa Hitomi asked her and the rest of the 12th generation who their favorite senior was and while Maria said Michishige Sayumi, the rest of the 12th generation said Hitomi, and later after Hitomi and Tsuji Nozomi left the room, Maria started to cry feeling the other 12th generation members betrayed her.
  • On her blog she said that she and her family often go to Disneyworld in Florida.
  • She is the first member to audition three times for Morning Musume and pass on the third attempt.

See AlsoEdit


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