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607px-MORE FRIENDS Regular
Regular Edition
Album by Mano Erina
Released November 24, 2010
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Album, CD+DVD, digital download
Recorded 2009-2010
Length 52:19
Label hachama hachama
Mano Erina Albums Chronology
Previous FRIENDS 1st Album (2009)
Next More Friends Over 2nd Album (2012)
Singles from MORE FRIENDS
1. Love&Peace=Paradise
2. Haru no Arashi
3. Onegai Dakara...
4. Genkimono de Ikou!
Other Covers
607px-MORE FRIENDS Limited
Limited Edition

MORE FRIENDS is the second album released by Mano Erina. It was released on November, 24 2010. It charted at position #32 on the Oricon Weekly Chart and sold a total of 4,984 copies.



  1. Genkimono de Ikou! -Giga Power Mix- (元気者で行こう!; Let's Go Cheerfully!)
  2. Gomen, Hanashitakatta Dake (ごめん、話したかっただけ; Sorry, I Just Wanted to Speak)
  3. Dare ni mo Iwanai de (ダレニモイワナイデ; Don't Tell Anybody and Everybody)
  4. Do Re Mi Fa Doushite? (ドレミファどうして?; Why Do Re Mi Fa?)
  5. Love&Peace=Paradise (パラダイス)
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Ambitious Girls
  8. Datenshi Ellie (堕天使 エリー; Fallen Angel Ellie)
  9. Arashi no mae no Candle (嵐の前のキャンドル; The Candle Before the Storm)
  10. Haru no Arashi (春の嵐; A Spring Storm)
  11. Uchi e Kaerou (sad ver) (家へ帰ろう; Going Back Home)
  12. Onegai Dakara... (お願いだから・・・; So Please...)

Limited Edition DVDEdit

  1. Genkimono de Ikou! (Director's Cut VER.2) (元気者で行こう! (ディレクターズカットVER.2))
  2. Mano Erina Dai Ichi Kai Kantoku Sakuhin Ongaku Geki "Nakaumi to Tadaki to Genkimono" (真野恵里菜 第一回監督作品 音楽劇 「半海と多田木と元気者」)
  3. Onegai Dakara... (Gakuseifuku Juuhenge Ver.) (お願いだから… (学生服十変化Ver.))
  4. Kitty's Paradise peace Kitty Kenkyuusho Mano Kenkyuuin Taberu! 35 Renpatsu!! (キティズパラダイスpeace キティ研究所 真野研究員食べる!35連発!!)
  5. Eiga "Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki" in Hollywood World Premiere Jouei ni Micchaku!! (映画「怪談新耳袋 怪奇」 in ハリウッド ワールドプレミア上映に密着!!)
  6. Album Jacket Satsuei Making Eizou (アルバムジャケット撮影メイキング映像)

Concert PerformancesEdit

Gomen, Hanashitakatta Dake
Dare ni mo Iwanai de
Ambitious Girls
Datenshi Ellie


External LinksEdit

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