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M-line Memory Vol.10
DVD cover
DVD by Abe Natsumi
Ishikawa Rika
Released March 2013
Genre Fanclub Event
Format DVD
Recorded October 8, 2012
November 15 - 26, 2012
Abe Natsumi
Ishikawa Rika DVDs Chronology
Next TBA
M-line Memory Vol.10

Back Cover

DVD「M-line Memory Vol04:15

DVD「M-line Memory Vol.10」

M-line Memory Vol.10 is a fanclub DVD covering an event for former Morning Musume members Abe Natsumi and Ishikawa Rika. It also features Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Sato Masaki, and Kudo Haruka.


Abe Natsumi FC EventEdit

  1. MC1
  2. Yuugure Sakusen Kaigi
  3. MC2
  4. Itoshiki Hito
  5. Too far away ~Onna no Kokoro~

Ishikawa Rika FC Event Rika CorraEdit

11/15 Guest Fukumura Mizuki & Ikuta Erina

  1. MC1
  2. Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan
  3. MC2
  4. Aisu Cream to My Purin
  5. Hajimete no Happy Birthday!
  6. MC3
  7. MC4

11/26 Guest Sato Masaki & Kudo Haruka

  1. MC1
  2. Koi wo Shichaimashita!
  3. MC2
  4. Koisuru♡Angel♡Heart
  5. Koi no Nukegara
  6. Ending

Featured MembersEdit


  • Fukumura Mizuki
  • Sato Masaki

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