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Měilì Xīnqíng
Album by RuRu
Native title 美丽心情
Released February 2001
Genre Pop
Format CD
Language Chinese
Label Virgin Records
RuRu Albums Chronology
Next Single (2002)

Meili Xinqing (美丽心情; Beautiful Frame of Mind) is the first solo album by Honda Ruru. It was released in February 2001.


  1. Aishiteru (Ai Shangle) (愛してる(愛上了) )
  2. Meili Xinqing
  3. Jintian De Zhufu, Mingtian De Gudu (今天的祝福,明天的孤独)
  4. Game Over
  5. Meili Xinqing (Jita Ban) ((吉他版); (Guitar Version))


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