Love-Hello! Mari Yaguchi

Product Type Book
Publisher Wanibooks
Cooperation with UP-FRONT Agency
Model Yaguchi Mari
Photographer Kumagai Tsuranuku
Released July 2, 2003
ISBN 4048536575
Price ¥ 2,625

Love-Hello! Yaguchi Mari (ラブハロ!矢口真里) is Yaguchi Mari's second photobook. The photobook was published by Wanibooks on June 31, 2003 and came with a Making of DVD. The photography was done by Kumagai Tsuranuku.


Photobook TitleEdit

The title of the photobook is Mari's first and last name with her first name first. In association with Love-Hello!, who sent her to Vietnam to celebrate her 20th birthday.

Photobook ContentEdit

The photobook shows Mari's adult and charming side. The photobook was also said to show the first look of her mature 20 year old self. It contains many pictures of her dressed in different swimsuits and sexy clothing, much different from her regular cute image. The photobook was shot in Vietnam and on the making-of DVD shows her going around Vietnam and learning the culture.

Photobook previewEdit


  • The photobook was mentioned and teased about on the shows "Utaban" and "Hey Hey Hey Music Champ".

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