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Live Revolution 21 Haru ~Osaka Jou Hall Saishuu Bi~ (ライブレボリューション21春~大阪城ホール最終日~) was Morning Musume's 2001 spring concert. It was released on VHS and DVD on June 27, 2001. Heike Michiyo, Country Musume and Matsuura Aya were featured as guests; it was Matsuura's debut concert. This concert was the graduation of 1st Generation member and leader Nakazawa Yuko.

The DVD sold 185,545 copies, the VHS version sold 89,177 copies. Combined they sold a total of 274,772 copies.

The Blu-ray edition was released on August 7, 2013, and it failed to chart on Oricon's DVD chart.


  2. Minimoni Jankenpyon! - Minimoni
  3. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT! - Petitmoni
  4. Chokotto LOVE - Petitmoni
  5. Kuyashi Namida Porori - Nakazawa Yuko
  6. Otome Pasta ni Kandou - Tanpopo
  7. Koi wo Shichaimashita! - Tanpopo
  8. Ai no Bakayarou - Goto Maki
  9. MC1
  10. Hajimete no Happy Birthday - Country Musume
  11. Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail - Matsuura Aya
  12. One Room Natsu no Koi Monogatari - Heike Michiyo
  13. Kekkyoku Bye Bye Bye - Heike Michiyo
  14. Happy Summer Wedding
  15. Say Yeah! ~Motto Miracle Night~
  16. Inspiration!
  17. Summer Night Town
  18. Memory Seishun no Hikari
  19. Manatsu no Kousen
  20. "Mini Musical Akogare My Boy"
    Akogare My Boy
  21. DANCE Suru no da!
  22. Morning Coffee
  23. Daite HOLD ON ME!
  24. Koi no Dance Site
  25. LOVE Machine
  26. MC2
  27. Ren'ai Revolution 21
  28. I WISH
  29. MC3 - Nakazawa Yuko
  30. Nakazawa Yuko Morning Musume Sotsugyou (中澤裕子 モーニング娘卒業)
  31. Koi no Kioku - Nakazawa Yuko
  32. MC4: Graduation
DVD Bonus Special
  • The first two repeat a segment seen in the main concert, but from a different performance. Yoshizawa Hitomi and Yasuda Kei take the roles previously seen performed by Ishikawa Rika and Nakazawa Yuko.
  1. "Mini Musical Akogare My Boy"
    Akogare My Boy
  2. DANCE Suru no da!
  3. Aisha Loan de

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