Album by Team DEKARIS

Released 2009.12.17
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Album
Recorded 2009
Label Up-Front Works
Catalog Number GNCA-7149 Price ¥2,625

Koi no Dekaris (恋のデカリス; Love's Dekaris) is Team DEKARIS's debut and only album, released on December 17, 2009. It was also the soundtrack for the video game Tetris Dekaris from SEGA.


  1. Jingle
  2. Koi no Muteki Command (恋の無敵コマンド; Invincible Command of Love)
  3. Unmei wa "I" Love You (運命は “I” Love You; Fate is "I" Love You)
  4. Yuujou Try again! (友情Try again!; Friendship Try again!)
  5. Koi Shoku Puzzle (恋色パズル; Love-Colored Puzzle)
  6. Sweets×Sweets
  7. Muzukashii Kedo Aishiteru ~Dekaris~ (難しいけど愛してる ~デカリス~; It's Difficult But I Love You ~Dekaris~)
  8. Koi no Muteki Command (Off Vocal) (恋の無敵コマンド (Off Vocal))
  9. Unmei wa "I" Love You (Off Vocal) (運命は “I” Love You (Off Vocal))
  10. Yuujou Try again! (Off Vocal) (友情Try again! (Off Vocal))
  11. Koi Shoku Puzzle (Off Vocal) (恋色パズル (Off Vocal))
  12. Sweets×Sweets (Off Vocal)
  13. Muzukashii Kedo Aishiteru ~Dekaris~ (Off Vocal) (難しいけど愛してる ~デカリス~ (Off Vocal))
  14. Korobushka -Miracle Angel Dolls MIX- (コロブチカ -Miracle Angel Dolls MIX-)

Members FeaturedEdit

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