Kobushi Factory Hamaura Ayano Birthday Event 2017
DVD Cover
DVD by Hamaura Ayano
Native title こぶしファクトリー 浜浦彩乃バースデーイベント2017
Released 2017
Genre Birthday Event
Format DVD
Recorded April 27, 2017
Hamaura Ayano DVDs Chronology
Previous Kobushi Factory Hamaura Ayano Birthday Event 2016
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Hamaura Ayano promoting the event

Kobushi Factory Hamaura Ayano Birthday Event 2017 (こぶしファクトリー 浜浦彩乃バースデーイベント2017) is Hamaura Ayano's 17th birthday event. Two events took place at CLUB CITTA' on April 27, 2017.

The deadline for fanclub members to pre-order the DVD is on June 28, 2017.[1]


  1. MC - Question corner; VTR message from Oda Sakura (1st event)
  2. Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Ikoka!!
  3. Tenshin Ranman
  4. MC
  5. Performance Varies
  6. Performance Varies
  7. MC - Voice recorded questions from Taguchi Natsumi
  8. Performance Varies
  9. JUMP

Featured MembersEdit

Event ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
4/27 CLUB CITTA' Kanagawa 16:30 17:15
18:45 19:30

DVD PreviewEdit


  1. "6/1(木)受付スタート 6月通販 公開!" (in Japanese). UP-FC. 2017-05-26.

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