Kobushi Factory DVD Magazine Vol.2
DVD Magazine by Kobushi Factory
Native title こぶしファクトリー DVD Magazine Vol.2
Released May 3, 2016
Length 61 min.
Kobushi Factory DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous Kobushi Factory DVD Magazine Vol.1 (2015)
Next Kobushi Factory DVD Magazine Vol.3 (2016)

Kobushi Factory DVD Magazine Vol.2 is a DVD magazine by Kobushi Factory. It was released on May 3, 2016 as merchandise for the Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Haru ~The Cheering Party!~.

A new life cheering plan! Let's become cheerful! Let's throw a party! The members create a lot of noise for the theme "watch to cheer yourself up"! The room and cake are cutely decorated! The "Greeting Simulation" segment is full of the members' individual personalities, and there are serious party games with laughter and tears.

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