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Kasahara Momona



Kasahara Momona promoting "Umaku Ienai"
Background Information
Also Known As Kassa (かっさー?)
Born October 22, 2003 (2003-10-22) (age 13)
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Libra Libra
Height 160cm
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol
Years Active 2015-present
(2 years)
Associated Acts ANGERME, Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Blog ANGERME 5ki
ANGERME Information
Joined July 16, 2016
Generation 5th Generation
Member Color       Deep Pink
Debut Single Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashite Kita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru
Time in Group 0 Years, 9 Months, 11 Days
Hello Pro Kenshuusei Information
Joined April 2015
Generation 24th Generation
Left July 16, 2016
Kasahara's Autograph
I’m a beginner at dancing and singing, I’m still inexperienced but, from now on while watching my seniors, I want to be able to do many things![1]

–Kasahara Momona, July 2016

Kasahara Momona (笠原桃奈) is the sole fifth generation member of ANGERME, an idol group under Hello! Project.

She originally joined Hello! Project as a Hello Pro Kenshuusei on May 4, 2015, being introduced during the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~.



Kasahara Momona, July 2016


Kasahara Momona, May 2016


Kasahara Momona, February 2016


Kasahara Momona, April 2015


On April 1, Kasahara joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei. She was formally introduced and participated in the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ on May 4, 2015 alongside Ono Mizuho, Nakano Rion, Yanagawa Nanami, Maeda Kokoro, Akiyama Mao, Kanatsu Mizuki and Okamoto Honoka.


On May 5, she was awarded the public vote for best performance alongside Kiyono Momohime at the Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ for her performance of Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni.

On July 16, during the opening Hello! Project 2016 SUMMER concert, it was announced that Kasahara had joined ANGERME as the 5th generation member.[2] According to Wada Ayaka, Kasahara had been participating in lessons with the group since May.

On November 15, Kasahara celebrated her 13th birthday at a special event titled ANGERME Kasahara Momona Birthday Event 2016, which featured two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.

Personal LifeEdit

Both her parents are 32 years old. She has two younger sisters, one is 11 years old and one is 8 years old. (As of 2016)

When Kasahara joined ANGERME, she was a first year middle school student. As of April 2017, she is currently in her second year of middle school.

The following list are notable friendships Kasahara Momona has acquired:

Kasahara given name, Momona, means "peach" (桃; momo) combined with a phonetic character (奈; na). Her parents chose the name because it means "sweet" in Hawaiian, and they hoped to raise her to be a sweet girl.[3]


  • Name: Kasahara Momona (笠原桃奈)
  • Birthdate: October 22, 2003 (2003-10-22) (age 13)
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 160cm
  • Western Zodiac: Libra
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2015-04-01: Member
  • ANGERME Member Color:
    • Deep Pink (2016-)
  • Hello! Project groups:


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Solo SongsEdit


TV ProgramsEdit





  • [2016–] AS1422 (アンジュルムステーション1422)
  • [2016–] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Thursdays)


  • She thinks she has a strong sense of right and wrong.
  • She thinks she's a little scatterbrained.
  • Her charm point is her pale skin.
  • Her favorite sport is ballet, and as of July 2016 has nine years of experience.
  • She wants to perform like Kamei Eri.
  • She is the first member in Hello Pro Kenshuusei to have been born in 2003.
  • She decided to join Hello Pro Kenshuusei because she loves singing and dancing.
  • She grew to love Hello! Project because of her admiration for Takahashi Ai and the "Platinum Era" of Morning Musume.
  • She wants to focus on her singing and get better at the songs she has trouble with.
  • Her rival in Hello Pro Kenshuusei was Akiyama Mao.
  • She previously stated that she wanted to debut in Morning Musume. In an interview with Top Yell in July 2016, she said her future dream was to debut in Hello! Project and stand on a large stage. 
  • She likes The Beatles (an influence from her parents).
  • Wada Ayaka thinks that Kasahara Momona's personality which isn't afraid of anything is amazing.
  • When Wada Ayaka told her she would be joining ANGERME, she thought it was a prank.
  • When Wada Ayaka asked her which group was her favorite she said Morning Musume, when asked who her second favorite group was, she initially said ANGERME while looking down, but when pressed again she admitted her second favorite group was actually Country Girls.
  • Kamikokuryo Moe calls Momona's pink image color Peach color.

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Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Preceded by
Okamoto Honoka

Youngest member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei

Succeeded by
Kiyono Momohime

Preceded by
Sasaki Rikako

Youngest member of ANGERME

Succeeded by

Preceded by
Funaki Musubu

Youngest member of Hello! Project

Succeeded by


  1. Kasahara Momona. "[1]." ANGERME 3,4,5ki blog. 2016-07-16.
  2. "アンジュルムに新メンバー“プリプリ桃尻”笠原桃奈" (in Japanese). Nikkan Sports. 2016-07-16.
  3. Pocket Morning. 2016-10-12. (Translation by Ro-kun)

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