Kagetsu Yoru
Single by Ishii Rika
Native title 花月夜
Released 2007
Genre J-pop
Format CD single
Length 12:44
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous Kimi wo Sagashiteru 1st Event Single (2007)
Next Fuyu no Ashioto 3rd Event Single (2007)

Kagetsu Yoru (花月夜) is the second event single by Ishii Rika, available for sale only at her live shows.


  1. Osanai Taiyou (幼い太陽; Young Sun)
  2. Soba ni Ite (そばにいて)
  3. Tsuioku no Sakana (追憶の魚)

Single InformationEdit

All music and lyrics

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