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DVD cover

Juice=Juice FC Event 2014 ~Miracle x Juice x Box II~ Major Debut 1 Shuunen Kinen! (Juice=Juice FCイベント2014~Miracle×Juice×Box Ⅱ~メジャーデビュー1周年記念!) is Juice=Juice's second fanclub bus tour. It took place on September 13, 2014. The DVD for the bus tour was sold only through Hello! Project Fanclub and had a deadline to be pre-ordered by November 27, 2014.


Featured MembersEdit


  • Juice=Juice celebrated their major debut 1st year anniversary.



DVD「Juice=Juice FCイベント2014~Miracle×Juice×Box II ~メジャーデビュー1周年記念!」04:08

DVD「Juice=Juice FCイベント2014~Miracle×Juice×Box II ~メジャーデビュー1周年記念!」

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